Friday, August 17, 2012

Moving Up, Out and In

Remember how I promised you big things in the works this summer? Well here they are. I was waiting for things to be as "official" as possible before spilling the beans. I think we are finally at that point.

1 Moving Up: For a few months at Mike's work they have been in preparations for splitting up the IT teams and making them more efficient which means a big promotion for Mike. It's pretty official now and will be underway come September 1st. He has spent tons of time coordinating and moving all of this forward and we are so proud of him and sticking it out over the last little bit when things have been less than desirable. Here's hoping the changes help and everything moves in a positive direction. And I happen to think his new lengthy title, Corporate Director of Information and Communication Technology Services, is pretty sexy if I do say so myself. :)

2. Moving Out: We have finally gone under contract on the sale our home. This time it only took 4 weeks. But it seemed like the longest 4 weeks of our lives. We had over 50 showings in that time and spent many nights and weekend out and about being away from home and life to make it happen. We are both sad and excited to say goodbye to our first home. This house has been a great starter home and taught us what we really wanted in a home, plus provided love and shelter and a warm place for us to bring home all 4 of our babies. We will still be coming by it often as we are so far not changing day care providers and she lives close, but it will be strange to see someone else in our home/yard etc. We don't close until mid-September so we still have time to say our goodbyes. Cross your fingers for us that it all goes through smoothly.

3. Moving In: We found us a new, bigger home. We are in love with it. While it's not technically our dream home , it's pretty darn close and something we can see ourselves in for a long, long time. 2 weeks from today we will be officially moving into this beauty. Our loan is ready and waiting for signatures and all we have to do is pack and pick up the keys.

We'll be having some sort of open house/gathering in the new home for our local family and friends in early October. Watch your mailboxes and/or Facebook invites for that. We would love you all to come and check out the place and fill it with warmth. :)

Schade Reunion 2012

It was time once again for the annual Schade reunion and camping trip. We had a great time like always, visiting and playing. Here's some pics of the fun in no particular order.

Until next year. :)

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Moosehorn Love

We almost opted not to go to our favorite camping spot this year. Even though we booked it clear back in February. We've been so busy and had so much going on that we thought about skipping it. This also meant that I had to miss a little family reunion time for the Forsgren side this year which was a bummer, but really it was the best stress relief EVER which was so needed right now. Plus the kids were dying to get up there and roast some marshmallows.

Baby girl seems to be in line with Momma and the camping genes too. She loved it and loved getting to play in the dirt.

We had so much fun exploring around our campsite. Can you see this tree that looks like a bunny?

And of course visiting the lake is a must. Even the Zombies liked it ;).

I'm so glad I am teaching my kids to be nature lovers. I mean look at this......

and this...........

and this............

We also went to visit Provo River Falls while we were up there like we tend to love doing.

I also used our family walk as a photo op.

Sadly, we did cut it short to get back home to the grind. But we took advantage of the full day Saturday before pulling out to head home. But look what we saw on the drive home..... Worth it! Hello Mr. Moose with the huge antlers.

Last week we also got to have another visit from Grandma Braska and Aunt Kari where we got to enjoy going to the Days of 47 rodeo and another Bees game with them. Sorry no pics (I need to get better when they are in town).

This has been the busiest, most stressful and by far the most expensive summer in Ouren family history. But boy are we having a blast amongst the chaos! We'll have some very exciting things happening over the next month so stay tuned.