Monday, February 18, 2013

4 day weekend

I'm pretty sure all weekends should be a 4 day weekend for me. We didn't do anything extravagant or even really fun. But we did get things done around the house, run some errands and still have time to relax and finish reading a book, watch a few movies and have a real weekend.
Here's a cute pic of the boys riding our boxes at IKEA back out to the truck. As one of our errands, we stopped and got us some bookshelves for the basement to be able to unbox a few of the many many boxes of books  and games residing down there. Thanks again for the gift card Annie. It was put to good use. 
A very good weekend indeed. Can't believe it's almost over. 

Can't Wait!

Have you ever seen a concert as beautiful as this? ......No? Me neither.

And the best part is that my husband has agreed to not only let me go but to go with me to this concert in July (he's a brave man, I know). We are going to use it as a late anniversary gift to ourselves and spend a kid-less weekend away in Vegas having fun and seeing all of my boyfriends perform while they sing directly to me.
Aren't they still sooooo incredibly handsome?

Friday, February 15, 2013

VDay- Ouren Style

We had a very fun Valentine's Day this year. It started off by Grandma Judi and Papa Ringo giving us some VDay candies and goodies while visiting them in Price last weekend to include this cute outfit for Miss Faith.
Throughout the week, the boys have come home with numerous Valentine's from school and the babysitter and other kids at the sitters house. 
Yesterday was our turn to give them each a little Valentine. They woke up to these cute little boxes in the morning.  
Zaric and Zaden's each had a new pair of Vday jammies in them, a heart of bubble gum and a chocolate mustache. 

Caleb's had this cute Darth Vadar mug full of conversation hearts and a chocolate mustache.
Miss Faith had this on her high chair when she got up. It had a John Deere Tutu, some owl leg warmers, 2 new headbands and an elephant marshmallow pop.
They all love their goodies as you can tell. 

We Mustache you to be our Valentine!
I put Faith in her new outfit I bought her just for Vday a while back. It was so cute. I particularly can't get enough of the tights. 

When Caleb went upstairs to get ready for school, he came back down with this Lego Valentine he made for  me. Such a sweetie!
After a few hours of work and picking up Caleb after a short day at school we came home and I was greeted with these from Mike. He also let me order another gift for myself that's still on the way. 

I spent some time making some pink chocolate chip cookies. They were super good (sorry no pic). And we had enough that I even had the boys take a plate of them to our new neighbors to tell them Happy Valentine's Day. They thought that was so fun to do. Hopefully the neighbors don't think we are too nutty.
Once Mike got home we had a heart-shaped pizza for dinner like normal and had mostly a normal Thursday night with the kids. We watched our favorite shows and got the kids ready for bed.

One they were in bed, my sweet hubby came upstairs and surprised me with some chocolate covered strawberries and drew me a nice, hot, candle-lit bubble bath the relax in. It was wonderful.
Best Valentine's Day ever!


Saturday, February 02, 2013

Truck Wheels?

Long Story, Not So Short
We have known it's been time to replace the Durango for quite a while. I mean the thing was 13 years old and all. But we have liked it so much for the past 8 years we've had it, parting seemed like a bad idea. Plus we've enjoyed not having a car payment for a while as well. That being said, we decided with some upcoming road trips and whatnot coming up this summer, that the time was right to invest in something that would more safely and reliably get us to our destinations. So after much discussion we narrowed down our choices to either a newer Durango or a Honda Odessy and started searching.We were trying to give vans a chance with the Odessy and at least researching it, but in the end he just couldn't do it.  We finally found a couple Durangos online at a dealership that we wanted to look at so Mike called them up and made an appt. Of course the one we were most interested sold the very day we came in (we were told 2 hours before our appt) but we looked at what else they had in stock. First we drove a Durango Citadel, it was fully loaded with all the bells and whistles,  but the interior was a terrible color that I just couldn't live with (picky, I know). Then they showed us a new dark brown one, that we weren't real fond of. Next we drove a white one and while it was nice and again had many of the features we were looking for, it seemed that the newer models were more van-like than truck-like anymore and not really in the end what we were looking for. Not to mention it was white, which is the big no-no color for us (merely a personal preference).
Anyway, while waiting for keys to the white one, Mike hopped further down in the lot to peek at a truck. The salesman asked if we might be interested. We sort of laughed and said "sure if it will fit us all" and gave him a list of a few must haves. So while we were off in the white test drive, he pulled up a black extended cab Ram. We drove it and Mike fell in love with the feel of the truck. It was a pretty standard model. No bells or whistles but it still seemed a little cramped. When we voiced our concerns, the salesman immediately knew the model we needed and found this beauty. 
We took it for a spin and he was like a kid in a candy store. There was just one hurdle....the price tag. Total sticker shock. And a lot more than we were thinking we were going to spend. After a lot of negotiations, they let us bring it home overnight to think about it some more. We thought about it and in good conscious just couldn't pay that price so we went back with the intent to tell them thanks but no thanks and keep looking. So that's what we did. We told them it just wasn't going to work and that we were ok with walking away. They asked us to stay a few minutes and "see what they could do" and after about another hour or more of negotiating and us standing our ground and not budging, they came down a ton on the price to make it work and there we were, with a brand new truck.

He is one happy guy this afternoon. Caleb had deemed it a dream truck of his and the twins are so excited. Zaric even offered up his crayon piggy bank to help us pay for it. So cute. Here's a cute pic of them in the back of it.
We took it out for a family spin this afternoon and found it to be pretty comfy and surprisingly roomy even with us all in there. Score! Now we are ready to get this thing out there on the road and some miles under it's belt. First big trip, Omaha for Spring Break.