Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby Party

In just a little over one month the twins will already be a year old! I can't believe it either. You know I am all about the "themed" party and I have been checking some stuff out for a couple months now. Well it boiled down to 3 things, monkeys (naturally), Baby Einstein, and Sesame Street babies. I finally decided on Sesame Street babies, partly because my favorite party store had it in stock last I looked and it's just adorable. We are going to do their party in Price this year as a combined party with my 2 nephews who also have April bdays so when we were down last I picked out a cake to have my sister order for us so it's ready for that day and decided it was time to get a move on with the final planning and the decor.

The problem is, the party store got bought out by Zurchers who I figured out (after 3 different stores) does NOT carry this line. Ugggh. So I scoured and scoured the internet. There are lots of places that have it but each one only has bits and pieces. I was tempted at the last minute almost to change back to the monkeys but only because I saw the cutest cake pan. Look out 2nd Bday! I decided to stick to my guns and go with the original decision. I didn't want to pay for shipping from several places so I just chose the one that had the most of what I wanted and went for it. It arrived yesterday and I love it. Still wish I had those extra pieces, but we will survive. So here's looking forward to some fun with these little guys, oh and the twins too ;).

Let Us Out!

We have had a rough 4 days at the Ouren household with being sick and being "stuck" in this house. The babes are crabby, the Mom is getting there. Caleb is completely OBNOXIOUS to everyone. He has been on one today have to be in people's faces and asking a million questions that he knows the answers to, climbing and laying all over me and doing things just to get yelled at. He got up this morning with just a titch of fever still. We debated back and forth and decided to keep him home one more day just for good measure. I made him rest most of the morning and it looks like his temp is staying down so hooray for that but he's obviously going crazy from being locked up these last 4 days. By noon I was regretting our decision to keep him home. He told me he thinks he'll be sick again tomorrow, but I think Mom will be more sick (mentally) if I keep him home. So if his fever is still down, he's going! Maybe I can send him to both sessions tomorrow :).
Here's hoping for a nice weekend so he can get out and run a bit. The babies are also wanting to get out of here. I opened the back door for a bit for some fresh air and they were liking that idea. Maybe we can make it to a park or something to get out. Wish us luck and sanity to make it through tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Always Juggling

Seems like forever since I blogged. I know it's only been a few days but still feels like forever. There's a reason though, here's what we've been juggling the last few days.

Our fed tax return showed up on Friday so we've been juggling what to do with it since Plan A went out the window the the recent furnace purchase. So we did what we could with it just leaving the furnace to figure out during the next year and setting aside the state refund (whenever it may get here) for those darn tires for Mike. Well there was a tiny bit left over so we went around and around on what to do with it. We finally settled on doing something for the kids since neither one of us would be satisfied with our other options. We decided to get a trampoline for them. We know the babes are a little small for that, but since it should last us a good few years, they will still get use out of it and I think it's something Caleb will really enjoy this summer, something he can do outside and be partially alone since most everything else has to be done in the front yard. This will be set up in the back somewhere that I can keep my eye on him but not have to be there constantly. So we went on Sunday morning to purchase that so we can set it up as soon as it's warm on a more consistent basis. So we got one "whoo hoo!" from our return. I'll post pics when we get it set up. Also while at the store on Sunday, they finally had some Wii Fit in stock. I have been wanting it for some time and had been saving some of my Christmas money for that or something scrappy. I haven't seen much scrappy lately I wanted so I went for it and got it. We tried it out a little on Sunday and in just the 10 min or so I did it, it kicked my butt.

Sunday afternoon we were invited to a bday party at Chuck E Cheese. We went and Caleb had a great time. We had fun too just visiting and helping Caleb play some games and we headed home. Not too long later, I started feeling nauseous and laid on the couch most of the night. I thought maybe it was just something I ate and would go away. But it has turned into a full blown cold of sorts. I woke up Monday feeling even worse and also have had sinus issues starting up. So Mike stayed home on Monday to help with the boys (thank goodness). I slept most of the day away and was so grateful to him for doing that.

Well that night Caleb seemed a little warm when he went to bed but was acting fine so we let it go. Well he came into our room at about 1 am and his temp was 102 degrees! So we got out the Motrin and let him crawl in bed with us. Well the fever wasn't letting him sleep so he and I got up and came downstairs and watched Madagascar together. He finally went back to be a little after 3am. He got up yesterday seeming ok but we decided to keep him home from school anyway as a precaution. All the while, I am still feeling pretty yucky. Mike went to work for a while then came home a little early to help out some more. Caleb's fever came and went through the day, but oddly enough if never seemed to bother him at all and by bedtime last night he was back up to 102 once more and more Motrin was given.

He seems fine this morning and (so far) and the babies don't seem to have anything (knock on wood). I am still a little under the weather but decided after 2 days of practically laying around all day I am determined to get back to the routine and start feeling better. So I am up and about doing chores and my other daily things I enjoy doing. I am hoping to try out some more Wii Fit in the next few days and will let you know how it goes.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

On Thin Ice

Mike and I had a really great date night last night. After dropping the kids off at our friends' house, we went to a pizza place called The Pie. It was so good. We were stuffed and still had tons of leftovers to bring home. After that I had decided that I didn't want to do the normal "dinner and a movie" thing and sit some more. I wanted to do something that would get us up and moving. We sit all the time. So I chose to go ice skating.

We went to the Olympic Oval. We hadn't been there before and thought an indoor venue would be a little warmer. It's so close to us, we really should have taken advantage of it sooner. I was secretly hoping Apallo would be there since he moved to Utah to practice there, but no such luck :(. It was fun though. I only took 1 spill and Mike took 2. He's still complaining that he got a wrist injury, I think he's milking it just a little ;). It's a long ways around that track and we were both reminded of how out of shape we are. It was fun to be skating at the same place that all of the speed skating events were in the 2002 Olympics.

After we left there, we stopped for some ice cream and enjoyed each others company for a bit. By then it was time to head back to pick up the kids. From what we hear they did great. Caleb was still up waiting for us when we got there at almost 10! Then he talked to us most of the way home too.

I hope we can start getting out more like this in the future. A night out was just what the Dr. ordered. I think we are going to try to take Caleb to the Oval soon too, so stay tuned for pics of that. He has also informed us that he would like to take skating lessons to learn to do it really good. So we'll keep you updated on if we decide to do that or not.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Listening Ears and Stop Signs

Caleb is on a roll again, making us laugh all the time. We are always talking to him about putting on his "listening ears" lately because he's the typical 5 year old doing his own thing. Well yesterday he told me that he would like Zaden sitting by him in the car on the way to preschool and then would like Zaric sitting by him for the ride home. I obliged and when he got in the car and we headed out from preschool. Our conversation went something like this:

"Mom you listened and put Zaric by me"
"You must have had on your listening ears"
"Yes I did. When are you going to get yours?"
"I don't know, is it going to hurt?"

Apparently he thought at some point in your life, your baby ears actually get removed and are replaces by "listening ears." I am thinking this was made because of the connection with us telling him he'll get a new adult tooth where his one front tooth is missing. So we then had a giggly conversation about what "putting on your listening ears" really means. I think he understands now, we'll see though.

So now that they days are finally getting a little longer (hooray) and the weather has been nice the last couple of days, Caleb and I went outside for a bit after dinner on Wednesday to let him run off some energy. He wanted to ride his old trike and his scooter and then run some. I sat and watched. Well he has this miniature stop sign that we got him for playing with last year. On Wednesday he got it out of the garage and ran it all the way to our corner where the real stop sign sits. He placed it right next to it and they were practically touching. He was watching cars and he cruised up and down the sidewalk on his scooter and then he ran to me and said, "Mom, all of the cars are stopping right there because they know my sign says STOP!" Ha! I think it helped a little that it's touching the real 7 foot tall sign so people are bound to stop anyway, but it's nice to know that his $7 plastic one does the trick too ;).

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So my awesome NKOTB-going friend Jenn called me today. She's on the NKOTB texting list and got a message from it today to call a # and hear a message from one of the boys! So she did and it's a "melt your heart" message from Joey himself. You can leave a message of your own for them and they will be calling people back from the stage or the sea (on the NKOTB cruise I can't afford). So here's the message I left, I wrote it down so I could read it and not sound like a fool:

"Hi this is Becca. I know you hear this all the time, but I have been a fan of yours since the beginning. My husband got me tickets to the Salt Lake show for my 29th birthday. I went with 3 awesome girlfriends and we all dressed up in 80's garb. I had the greatest time. I danced right out of my leggings, quite literally. During your performance of Tonight, I had to sit down and take them off. I so want to go on the cruise but it's not in the budget with my 3 little boys. Just know that I'll Be Loving You Forever and give me a call anytime."

I am still giddy talking about it. So I think that maybe if I can round up enough people to call in my favor and put in a good word for me, maybe (just maybe) there's a glimmer of hope that they call me back. Here's the # 617-830-1100. Call and help a girl out! Feel free to give them my cell phone #. If you don't have it, send me an email and I'll be happy to provide it to you.

The Latest

Just a quick update on the Ouren's-

Caleb- Is doing great. He still loves school and is even getting a little excited about Kindergarten next year. He's singing all the new songs from preschool all the time. He is like a sponge still when it comes to dinosaurs. He can identify several types by name and tell you several facts about how big they are and what they ate and certain features about them. He's still working a little on reading words and has been picking up on bigger words and saying them like he knows what they mean. Last night was "atrocious". He picked it up from Supercalefragilisticexpealidocious and singing it at school. He makes us laugh every day and is very caring towards his brothers (except the other 1/2 of the time when he's bugging them, of course). He can't wait for Tball to start and is excited that his coach from last year was at the sign ups and requested that Caleb be on his team again. His imagination runs wild and I love to just watch him play most days.

Zaric- Zaric is good. He's crawling all over the place and has now started pulling himself up on things all the way to his feet. He thinks he's a pretty big boy. He's eating all sorts of things and has continually hunted down the dog dishes and spilled them over. When we move them out of the way, the dog cries (almost literally) she'll sit and stare at them and wine for hours so it's a battle to please them both. We go back to the Dr. for another ear check the first week of March. If his ears still haven't cleared up as much as he likes, we will be seeing an ear, nose, and throat specialist and talking about having tubes put in. I am not sure how I feel about that. He has 3 visible teeth and we can see 3 more peeking their way through. We think this is the reason he's not been sleeping as well the last few days. Otherwise he's still super smiley and now says 3 words, Mom, Da Da, and Hey.

Zaden- Zaden still isn't crawling, but still getting around fairly well scooting on his back or on his butt. He has also learned to pull himself up on things a little. At least to his knees and he thinks he's pretty cool when he does it. His newest thing is to put toys in his mouth and shake them around. We call him our little puppy. It makes us laugh (see photo below). He only says Da Da, so far, and is a complete Daddy's boy. The minute Dad walks in at night he throws a huge fit until Dad picks him up. Yesterday he was waving Hi to Mom all day. With any luck, he only has 2 weeks more to go with his helmet so we will hopefully be done with that early March. He is also eating all sorts of things and loves to cuddle when he's tired. He has 4 visible teeth and at least 1 (if not 2) that we can see coming in.

Mom and Dad are tired! Mike is busy at work but still finds the time and energy somehow to help so much with the boys when he gets home and help out with housework and whatever needs to be done. I am busy with normal day to day stuff most days and got to have lunch yesterday with my former bosses. It was quick, but nice to catch up a little. I love being home with the boys all day, even if we do nothing. I can't wait for it to get a little warmer so we can go out more. I haven't done much crafting lately, I want to but am having trouble finding the motivation. Good thing I have another scrapbooking night with the girls planned next weekend. I am collecting on my Superbowl bet this Friday and Mike and I are going out. Our friends Juli and Cliff were nice enough to take on the boys for a while, so it's going to be nice to so something alone. I'll let you know what we did this weekend. Nothing much new at the Ouren household.

Here's just a couple pics of the boys pulling themselves up on their knees in the bath tub last night. And one even showcasing our puppy dog with the starfish in his mouth.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monkey Toes

Today the UPS guy brought us a cute little package from Papa Ringo and Grandma Judi. Inside there was more Valentine surprises. Both of the babies for these cute monkey slippers. They have heart lining and little hearts on the sides. So cute for my little monkeys.

Zaric was too busy crawling around. to keep them on his feet but I got Zaden to wear them for a bit.
And there was a bigger pair of Monkey slippers for my biggest monkey, Caleb. He was pretty excited about them.

Of course there were a couple goodies in there for Mom and Dad too. So much fun. Grandma Nette and Papa Kevin also gave us a goodie bag when we were down there. I think we have all been pretty spoiled this year. Thanks everyone!
It's been such a great weekend, especially having Mike home for an extra day today from the holiday. But tomorrow starts preschool and reality again. It was fun while it lasted!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Perfect Valentine's Day

We are so glad that Valentine's Day landed on a weekend this year. It's the first year for as long as I can remember that we got to just spend the entire day together with no one working or having class or no appointments or places to be. It's shaping up to be a great day. This morning started off with gifts of course. Mike spoiled me. My 3 roses for my 3 boyz. A cute plush heart guy. My favorite candy and he even went to BR yesterday to get me a pint of my favorite ice cream, pink bubble gum.

If you are wondering what's on the vase for the roses, it's this cute Valentine's bracelet. I love it and have been wearing it all day.
We got Caleb a couple of books and one little thing of candy. He of course really only cared about the dinosaur book and has already had Dad read it to him and has looked through it a few more times.

The babies got these fun shirts. I love them and couldn't resist when I saw them.

Once everyone was up and a little conscious, I made some pink heart-shaped pancakes. They were fun and good.

We had to run to the store Friday night for some formula and decided to grab a couple balloons for the babies since they were only 97 cents. They have been yelling at them and playing with them tons last night and this morning.

And them in their cute new shirts and still playing with the balloons.

I made Mike take a Valentine picture with me. It turned out pretty cute. We love the timer on our camera.

Caleb and I did a couple crafts to pass the time. Here's his fun hat we made.

And the little foam monkey. The glue is STILL drying.

It was time to sign Caleb up for Tball again this year so when we went to do that we also stopped at Papa Murphy's to grab a heart-shaped pizza for lunch.

Then later this afternoon we made dessert and made chocolate covered strawberries. This was the first time Caleb has had them and loved it. He told me they were "Amazin". I have to agree.

So I would say, it's already been the perfect Valentine's Day with my 4 Valentine's and it's only 4pm. The rest of the day will consist of relaxing and playing together probably with some leftover pizza for dinner and perhaps a movie. There's not much left to top the day we've already had.

Happy Valentines Day!

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's day. Give your loves extra hugs and kisses today and make sure they know how much you love them.

That said, I'd like to take this time to tell Mike how much I truly love and adore you. You have been my whole world and my everything for the last 10 years. Starting almost the very day we met. We've been through so many ups and downs and you are always there with a smile and that strong shoulder to cry on. I thank God for you every day and don't know what I would do without out. And I thank him for helping us to have 3 beautiful boys and making you such a good father. I couldn't have ever asked for more. I can never thank you enough for all that you are, so this year I am declaring my love for all of cyber-space (or at least my 4 readers) to see.

I love you!

Valentine Getting to Know You

Ok we have all done these, but this one is different it's all about you and the love of your life. So have some fun and share your story.

1. How did you and your husband meet? We met at Westminster. We had dinner one night with a mutual friend and laughed a lot. After that we started hanging out whenever we ran into each other and then every time we had a spare minute. The rest is history.

2. How old were you? I was 18 (almost 19) and he was 19

3. Was it love at first sight? I wouldn't really say so, but that part came quickly enough

4. How long did you date before getting engaged? We were together 6 months when he proposed and then we waited a year to get married.

5. How did he propose? We were in Price for the weekend visiting my family. We took a break and drove to Helper and went on a walk on the walkway and he got on one knee and proposed with a ring I'd had my eye on.

6. What was the answer? He said he was only going to ask once, so I had to say yes ;).

7. When and Where did you get married? May 20, 2000 in Price at the Greenwell Inn

8. Was it a big wedding? Not huge, but it wasn't small either.

9. Where did you go on your honeymoon? We went to Disneyland, compliments of Mike's family.

10. Are you still in love? More every day

Friday, February 13, 2009

And Futhermore!

No! I am not done complaining yet. So you totally don't have to listen if you don't want to. I really thought I was until I was cooking dinner last night and realized that I am also cooking on a new stove that had to be replaced in the last 6 months! And that we had to spend a ton of money on new fencing after the shed move. So that's the other reasons our savings account is drained. ugggh

Not to mention as I was putting the boyz to bed last night I noticed that they are getting bigger all the time and them sharing a crib isn't going to last much longer. A few months at best so then we need to figure out the next step in beds for them. Plus I woke up this morning remembering that my car needs to be inspected and licensed this month, oooiii.

I am having a hard time this morning keeping with a positive attitude and need a stress reliever- FAST.

I mean seriously.....HOLY CRAP!

Good thing tomorrow is a holiday and I have some fun things planned. That should help, a little.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When It Rains.......

........ It pours for sure. I can't believe how many things have gone so wrong ever since I quit working. Finances have been really tight and we expected that to be sure and have cut back on sooo many things to accommodate it. It's these unexpected things that are biting us in the butt and I feel like crabbing about it to make me feel better. And as lots of people say, blogging is cheaper than therapy so here it goes.
Starting the very month after I quit working, Zaden got sick and ended up at Primary Children's hospital for 3 days. That costs us a few thousand dollars of unexpected costs even after the insurance paid. Health care is such a racket. So we drained a lot of what we had in savings to pay those off.
Then we got a letter from the city telling us the position of our shed (which was here when we bought the house) was in violation and must be moved. They gave us a whopping 30 days to do it. Luckily we were able to get my family up here to help with those but there were still costs associated with it that were completely unanticipated.
Last month, right after Christmas (of course) costs, Mike's brakes on the Durango went out and we had to get those replaced before we had planned on. Only to be told that he also needs 3 new tires. I mean, I knew they were getting bad but I didn't realize how bad until I drove Caleb to preschool in the snow yesterday with them. I was sliding all over the place. So I came home and told him we really can't wait much longer on that.
Well we filed our tax returns on Monday night and were feeling good that we were getting enough back to pay off the credit cards and perhaps have a little extra to do something fun or at least pay for those tires he needs, when we woke up yesterday to a freezing house. The furnace was not working. We tried what we could to no avail then Mike called a repair man. He came over to tell us the circuit board was shot and since the unit was over 15 years old, it didn't really make sense to replace parts when in the long run it was cheaper just to replace the whole thing. So we bit the bullet and slapped a new furnace on the old cc. They were very quick and had it in and running by about 4 last night. Luckily we had the fireplace for backup heat in the mean time but knew the costs of running that all day every day would be astronomical. So I am grateful to have heat back. So goodbye rest of the tax return money.
I know things like this are going to come up. I am not so naive as to not expect that, but seriously all of this in the last 6 months!!!!!!!!! I need a job it seems but then we just go back to the circle of day care costs for 3 kids which are not pretty! It seems endless and just when we were thinking we might get a little ahead. It's always something.....right? And now we have to figure out a new plan for those tires.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Giving Valentine's

On Thursday Caleb gets to exchange Valentine's at preschool. I love that he's old enough to take these to school now. I remember loving this as a kid and making sure to carefully pick out the right one for everyone in the class. I would make sure the saying on the cards matched what I really thought of someone like to make sure the boys I had a crush on got on that said something like "I think you're cute." I look back now and laugh at how much stock I took in these $1 (back then) box of cards because I knew for a fact that my crush liked me back because of what his card said to me. If he was anything like Caleb though all he did was sign them and put them in whatever box was right in front of him. I know that now but back then they meant a lot.

Here he is dutifully writing his name on each and every one of the dinosaur Valentine's that he is taking to school. Mom attached them to a candy bar and they are ready to go for Thursday.
Just a quick glimpse of the front. We also filled out a few of the Kung Fu Panda ones. He wanted to make sure to use all the dino's first though.

And of course I got my cards ready to mail at the same time. They will be in the mail today to make sure to make it to the far away family members on time. I love making cards but with these boys it seems like it takes me 3 times as long these days to do any projects. Maybe next year I'll just buy me a box of $2.50 cards from the store and carefully pick out who gets what one and save that special one for my biggest crush and love of my life, Mike.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Weekend at Papa's

We got to spend another weekend in Price at Papa's house. And first thing was first.....I collected on those football bets. Here's my 72 can's of Pepsi. My Holy Mecca of Pepsi is what I like to refer to it as. If Mike stays out of them (wink, wink) they should last me a couple months.

My Nephew ,Jaxson, is turning 2 today so we did a little party for him with the family. Here he is opening up a present from Grandma.
I loved this picture I got of him after eating his cake with the red frosting. All he wanted all day was cake. Whenever someone asked him what he wanted for his Bday, that's what he would reply "cake." Or once he told me "cake and big truck." We gave him the cutest gas pump to gas up his trucks and all the kids loved it. I was thinking I should have bought several of them by the time the party was over. It kept everyone entertained. You can't see the whole thing but he's holding the nozzle in this pic.

The babies partied it up too. This is the only way Zaric would let Papa Kevin hold him is with the balloons. Zaden liked the balloons too. We ended up taking some back to Papa's house that night to play with.

And they got to nibble on some ice cream cones. Nix most of the ice cream besides the little bits left in the cones after removing them. They loved it!

And here they are riding the quarter horse at the cafe the party was in. Papa Ringo had to let them take a ride, of course.

And no fear, the inseparable Bopsey twins were present. I don't think they left each others side for more than 2 minutes besides at night time pretty much the whole weekend.

We had fun, like usual, and are already looking forward to the next trip whenever that may be. Hopefully some of them will come up our way and visit us in the meantime.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


We made it through the dreaded Dentist appt today with no problems. Caleb was very brave the whole time and really liked the happy gas they gave him. So he's the grand unveiling of my toothless son.

Aunt Tracey saved us and made up this cute little pillow for the tooth fairy. Caleb loves it and already has his tooth in there waiting for the tooth fairy tonight. Thanks Aunt Tracey!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


And he's off.....Zaric figured out the whole crawling thing over the weekend. And he just gets faster at it everyday. Now I am finding myself having to dig out the old repetitions in my brain of saying the word "no" over and over and teaching it to these guys. The faster he gets, the more things he gets into. Here a a couple things from the last couple of days (and it's not just him either):

Last night while we were preparing dinner I heard the clink clink of the dog food bowl being tipped over. I came over to assess the situation and found him with two handfuls of dogs food and in heaven. I took all the dog food out of his hands and cleaned it up telling him "no" all the while. I then put him in the high chair. About a minute later I noticed him chewing on something and sure enough he had snuck a piece of dog food in there that I didn't get away from him in time. I said "no" again and dug it out of his mouth. All the while he smiled and laughed at me. Already this morning I have had to tell him "no" at least 3 times while heading for the dog dishes and turn him around.

Last night while Mike was running the bath water, we kept losing Zaric. We would go set him near the bathroom and off he would go exploring every room. I would bring him back and as soon as I would set him down he'd be off again. I ended up undressing him while on the move and then coaxed him to crawl back to Dad naked to get in the tub.

Zaden isn't crawling yet but now that brother is on the move he's getting more interested and rolling faster to places and still scooting on his back. This morning as I was telling Zaric "no" about the dog food and reversing his direction over and over, I looked over and Zaden had rolled over to my laptop and was chewing on the cord. Yes the cord, plugged into the wall, with the computer on. A very "live" connection. So I ran over to him and again the word "no" just flew out of my mouth as I moved him away.

So right before preschool run I thought it was under control and they were all merrily playing on the floor when I heard this clunk clunk clunk.......SCREAM! Zaric had taken his first spill down the stairs that lead to the family room. There are only about 5 them. Well I had put a board/gate across them so this didn't happen and somehow (I have a 5 year old guess) it got moved. So after I ran and picked him up and decided he was ok, I asked Caleb how it had gotten moved......he searched his head for answers then came up with "it fell. " Of course he was the only one who had been near it playing and I asked why he didn't pick it back up and I got the blank stare and an "I don't know". So me and him had to have another talk about not moving that gate while the babies are playing. So not really a "no" but still a repetitive talking to about the same thing. So it felt like a "no". Zaric seems fine and still happy so I think we'll be lucky this time and probably just a bruise or 2. We are going to the Dr. this afternoon to get his ears checked anyway so I might have him take a quick look for my own piece of mind that he's ok.

Since I already know the sign for "no" maybe I will just start using my hands and give my voice a rest for now. I have a feeling it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Superbowl Slam Down!

Another Superbowl Sunday has come and gone. The party was again at our house this year. The boys were excited (especially Caleb) all day to have a football party. Caleb wore his jersey for the occasion and I dug out these old outfits for the boys that used to be Caleb's. It was too perfect that one happened to be red (Cardinals) and one happened to be yellow (Steelers).

We threw up a few decorations before the guests arrived.
After everyone got here we got to enjoy the company and the food! Yum! It was so good. We ended up with a menu of:
Chili Dogs
7-layer dip and chips
Cheese and Crackers
Chocolate cake
Grape Glaze dessert
Lots of Soda's
I am still full and will be eating leftovers for a while but can't complain.

The babies had fun playing with their friend Trevor. However, they were pretty sensitive and started crying any time we would yell at a bad call or scream in victory for our respective teams.
We had so much fun with all the friends that came and Caleb had a ball with all the kids that were here. I don't think he watched any of the game because he was too busy playing.
I am happy to report that the Steelers won!!!!!! That's who I was rooting for and had placed some more Pepsi bets with my family and some bets with Mike. By my count, that's 72 Pepsi's family and I will be down to collect this weekend! For winning the bet with Mike, I get a date night of my choice with no complaints from who wants to babysit?