Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sofia the First Princess Party

This year Faith asked and begged and talked about (for several months) having a Sofia the first birthday party. I happily obliged of course. Purple and princesses. How can you go wrong?
We had fun making and buying some decorations.

We had a little luncheon and had cute names for all the food. Here's the spread and her eating lunch with her Papa.

And I ordered a small cake to go along with the beautiful cupcake dress cake my brother in law put together for us.

We had some fun painting faces

And being sung to and blowing out the candles (thanks to Wyatt for his help with that).
And opening presents.

But the star of the day was the last surprise mom and dad had up their sleeve. A pink princess bounce house in our yard!

We gathered up her goodies for a pic. I think she had a great haul
Overall I think we had a pretty happy little princess on our hands.
Happy Birthday Baby Girl! Thanks for the last 3 wonderful years. Can't wait to see the little girl you are turning into emerge.

3 Year Old!

Faith's birthday landed on a Friday this year, which worked out perfectly for us to have a little morning date together. I was hoping to surprise her with the petting zoo and he pony rides at Gardner Village, but sadly they had been put away to make room for the Halloween festivities they have coming up. But that didn't stop us from having a good time together and since she didn't know any different (I had truly kept the idea a surprise), she wasn't upset. So we had a good time walking through the shops together and taking the time for a few photo ops and then went to Archibald's restaurant together for a little lunch. She was so cute in the shops picking things up and talking about them and asking questions overall being a jabber box about everything. I let her pick out a new outfit for her Phoebe doll in the doll shop, which she loved. It was so fun just hanging out together.

Since she had been so good and the other surprise was missed, and because we had a little extra time...she asked if next we could "go to Target" to look at the babies. There was one dolly in particular and a car seat for that dolly that she kept going back to and playing with and since I knew we were saving her other presents for her party the following day, I surprised her by telling her to put them in the cart so we could take them home. I thought she was going to pee her pants she was so excited. She told me on the way to the registers that the babies name was Chassie and that she "woved her". Then once at the car, we had to open her right away and buckle her in for the ride to pick up the brothers from school.
She loved telling her brothers all about her new baby on the ride home and spent many hours happily playing with Chassie after getting home. I think our morning together really hit the spot and made for a good birthday-day for our "not-so baby anymore" little girl.

Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 Edition

We made it to Comic Con again this year.I have to say this year was a lot harder for us in a variety of ways with schedules and lines and general chaos. We only made it to one actual day of our 3 day passes. While there we did some shopping, stopped a few people for pics and took some pics with the 3 bat-mobiles that were there. No celebrity photo ops this time for us (scheduling conflicts and a lot of repeat guests prohibited most of that).  We still had a good time though and enjoyed the day we did make it there and in. We also got to enjoy Uncle Sean coming a long and Grandma Braska being in town during that time. So overall, it was a good weekend.