Friday, December 28, 2012

Day Date

This year like last the baby sitter offered to take our kids for the day after Christmas so Mike and I could have a day off together. It's so needed and so nice of her. We took her up again on her offer and dropped the kids off that morning and ran a couple quick errands.

After that we started off with a trip to IKEA to spend some time looking and thinking about how to use that gift card we got from Mike's mom for Christmas. We bought a few little things with it and decided to save the rest for when we had more ideas to use it for. Then we decided to check out the new outlet mall they just opened in Lehi. We got there and had a nice burger lunch at Johnny Rockets then set off to do a little shopping. I was able to get me some new jeans and a couple pair of much needed dress pants with my Christmas cash then it was off to Best Buy for Mike to spend some of his. After that and since we were right there we decided to stop at Scheel's for a few minutes so Mike could check out what all the hoopla was about.

We ran to a couple other stores before it was time to pick up the kids. It was a good day together even if all we did was shop, we always enjoy our time alone as much as we do our time with the kids.

Christmas 2012

Christmas Morning Arrived! And it looks like Santa found his way to our new house.
Caleb tried to get us up at 4, then at 5 and finally at 5:45. I let him stay awake at that time but wouldn't let him go downstairs until the other ones woke up. Zaric woke up around 6 and finally at 6:30, I got tired of holding them back and went and woke up both Zaden and baby girl so we could all go down together. What a wonderful morning it was of Santa gifts and opening presents from under the tree.

For Caleb:

Santa left Caleb his 3DS, a 3 DS game, a 3DS Star Wars Stylus,  a Skylanders Giants 3 pack and 2 board games. In his stocking were other various small Star Wars toys and candy to include his chocolate coal he asked Santa for at Grandma's Christmas party.
After opening presents here's his total loot.
Along with the Santa stuff, he received some skate shoes, the Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon, a Nexxus Tablet, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl Set, 2 more Lego Star Wars ships, Cupponk and Uno games, Star Wars slippers and pj's , some clothes, a Utes Jersey, an Air Hogs Helicopter, a wireless Xbox controller, a Ben 10 movie, Skylanders puzzles, a snow painting kit. And various other little things.
The twins:
Santa left the twins, a Buzz for Zaden, a Woody for Zaric, 2 kids tough camera's and some Ninja Imaginext sets to share with extra accessories. In their stockings were some little toys, bubbles and candy.

They had a hard time taking turns opening presents but the came out with some major loot once it was all said and done.
Along with Santa, they came out with 2 play tool benches, giant coloring books,super hero dress up costumes, clothes, shoes, Yoda and Chewbacca slippers, new pj's, jackets, Nabi tablets, a road set, hexbug sets, a Jake and the Neverland Pirates DVD and a Spider man DVD.

For Faith:
Santa brought Faith pink stuff. A pink cozy coup car, and the Disney Little People's castle complete with every Little People Princess set and Ariel's and Cinderella's coaches. In her stocking were some  bubbles, candy, a new bow and some yogurt bites.

After opening gifts she got more loot from everyone.
She got a John Deer ride on toy, a Minnie Mouse bowtique set with shopping cart and cash register, a stuffed hippo, a stuffed elf, a hammer and ball set, a teddy bear, a play egg set, jammies, a new coat, a play ice cream cone set, a play smart phone and other small toys.

As you can see it was quite a fruitful morning and we spent the entire day letting them play and play.

Mike and I also got some fun goodies in our stocking and from other people. Thank you to everyone who sent gifts. We love it all.  And here's a shot from the catwalk later in the evening while we watched the new Ice Age movie Santa left for everyone of the mess from playing all day. The scary part is this is AFTER putting a lot of it away. Too funny.
Another great year over and done. Time to start making next year's lists. ;)

Christmas Eve!

With so many days off before it came, it seemed like Christmas Eve took forever to come this year. But the good news it that it came! Here's a peek at Faith's festive outfit of the day. Too cute.

Poor Zaric got sick on us and spent the morning at the Dr's office with Dad. And most of the day sleeping like this.
But that didn't stop us from having some fun on the in between nap times when he felt good enough to join us. We spent a lot of time decorating cookies for Santa. 
Here are a few of our results.
Of course Dad had to show us up and create this master piece.
After cookies we spent some time tidying up and cleaning the house. I have always heard that Santa doesn't like to come to dirty houses and I believe that to be true. So the kids pitched in and helped. Then it was time for Mom to cook a nice dinner.  We had chicken on a beer can (well Pepsi can for us) and it turned out wonderful. This is a nice looking bird if I do say so myself. For sides, we had roasted rosemary red potatoes, peas, rolls, cranberries and olives. Then for dessert, cookies, cherry pie and cheesecake.
After we got dinner cleaned up it was finally dusk and time to do what Caleb had been waiting for all day. Open 1 present. Mom and Dad had put together this box for them and placed it under the tree. It was driving him crazy for days.
Inside were their Christmas jammies, a new Christmas book and  2 new Christmas movies to watch that night.
Faith wouldn't hold still with the boys long enough for the pic, but these are her new ones.
After we got all jammied, we settled in and read the new book along with Caleb reading us Twas the Night Before Christmas. Then we picked one of the new movies to watch. We ended the night with a little more play time and making a plate of cookies for Santa along with apple slices and carrots for the reindeer.
Then it was off to bed while Mom and Dad watched a movie alone and waited for Santa to come.

Christmas Eve's-Eve.

2 days before Christmas! On Sunday we spent the morning making and decorating a Rice Krispie train from a kit Papa and Grandma had gotten us. It was so much fun and the kids stayed focused for a long time on it. I was impressed.

Later that day we got to have a little surprise pizza party with Papa Ringo, Grandma Judi and DaNell who came up to deliver presents. We enjoyed some pizza hut and a good visit before they left to head back home.

Mom spent the rest of the day baking cookies, a pie and a cheesecake in prep for Christmas Eve.

Zoo Lights

Last Friday was our official kickoff to the holiday break. Dad had to work so it was a long day at home for the rest of us waiting and cleaning the house to get ready for our outing. But once he got home, we kicked it off by hitting up Zoo Lights again this year.
First off was a stop at one of my favorite Sugar House restaurants on the way, The Soup Kitchen, for some yummy chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Then it was off to the zoo. I had gone online earlier in the day and got out tickets so there was no waiting in the line and we walked right in. The kids were so excited and did a really good job staying together with us and walking around the lights and even posing for pictures for mom. Unfortunately one of the lenses for my camera is broken so I didn't get as many good pics as I wanted but still got a few fun ones.
After we saw all the lights and were popsicles, we stopped by the zoo store to use up a gift card that Mom had in her purse that was about to expire and picked out a cute book for us to share with it. Then it was home for warm jammies and hot cocoa.

It was a very fun night.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Programs- Still shots

It's been a fun week even with the scheduling craziness that came along with it.
The twins sang at the mall this week and then had a program today. They did great and had a lot of fun and were really proud of themselves. In between each song today, Zaric would yell "Hi Mom," and wave at me. It was so cute and he loved it when I would answer back, "Hey Buddy." I think the best part though, was that we did a trial run on Mike's new phone and was able to Skype Grandma Braska into the program today so she got to watch the whole thing live. The twins were excited to have here there and talked to her a little both before and after it was done. And boy were they surprised when Santa walked right through the door at the end and gave them all presents.
Caleb sang at his school yesterday. It was a very quick 2 songs, but he did great and was excited to see us in the audience.
Mike and I also got to sneak away for an adult night without the kids to his company Christmas party. It was a really good time. I got to meet a few really nice, fun people and enjoy good food downtown in a beatutiful setting overlooking the temple and temple square lights. Not to mention I always cherish kid-less time with my honey still, after all these years. What more could you ask for?
Here are a few still shots I got of all of the kids and their performances. I'm hoping to talk Dad into helping me post some of the videos tonight or this weekend. Stay tuned for that and wish me luck. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Grandma's Christmas Party

It was time for Grandma Nette's annual Christmas party this weekend. We nearly didn't make it when it was snowing like crazy up here but once we got wind near the afternoon that the canyon was clear, we headed out for the long drive. We made it there safe and sound and stopped first at Papa Ringo's house and got to visit with Uncle Ryan and Grandma Judi for a while but sadly Papa was out pushing snow for work. Then once we all got ready, we went down to Grandma Nette's house to start the fun.  First off was goofing time with cousins. 

I got Faith the cutest Christmas outfit. She would not stand still or smile long enough for me to get a good pic. But it's still cute as can be. 

After a yummy dinner of tacos and burritos, we sang some songs and then Santa came walking right through the door. The kids all flocked to him. Caleb gave him a hug. He then had the kids sing him Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer before we could start the main event.

He called Faith's name second in line and we were worried how she would do. She was unsure about it but she never cried. I'll take it for this year. 
In her gift from Santa was a brand new CPK PJ dolly. She loved it and cuddled with it on the long ride back home. 
Next it was Zaric's turn. He climbed right up and told Santa he wanted a Woody toy. They even shared a laugh or two.

In his gift from Santa there was a TMNT Leonardo dress up kit with a sword.
Next up was Zaden, he was a little more reserved at first but he got around to telling Santa about the Buzz Lightyear toy he wanted. He made sure to describe it in detail, making sure he knew this time that he wanted him to have a laser and a shield. 

And wouldn't you know it?  He also got a TMNT dress up kit. Michaelangelo with nunchucks. 

Then finally toward the end of the pile, Caleb got his turn. He told Santa the 3 things he really wanted this year.

And in his Santa party gift was the build your own dino kit with internal squishy organs he'd eyeballed in the store a couple times. We spent some time this morning putting him together. 
It was a fun party and another successful year. And we are happy to report that while it was snowing when we left Grandma Nette's and we were a little worried about the roads once more, we made it home safe and sound to a Sunday full of chores. Thanks Grandma Nette and Papa Kevin for the fun party.  And just for fun here's the pic Dad took on his cell phone and the two Ninja Turtles side by side. 
9 Day til Christmas! Not that we're counting.