Sunday, July 17, 2016

Snowbird Staycation- Day 7

Our last day of staycation cruelly snuck up on us too soon. In the morning, I was able to talk a couple of kids into one last short hike up to a waterfall.  It was pretty and the water was refreshingly cold. 

Once we got back, we spent some more time in the game room, Mike and I snuck off for one last lunch alone and then we did a  little souvenier shopping for some Tshirts. 

 We then spent the rest of the afternoon swimming, packing and pulling pouty faces that we had to leave in the morning.

None of us were ready to come home for sure. Even my non-mountain man, Mike, commented that he wasn't ready to leave.  I may be wearing off on him a little bit afterall. Maybe just a bit.

Until next year Snowbird! We'll be missing you in the mean time.

Snowbird Staycation - Days 5 & 6

Day 5 of vacation brought some relaxation. We spent the morning playing a game of Apples to Apples and another of Pictionary then we came back to the valley for some classes and practices that the kids had to go to and to re-stock again.  Then we took a long walk around the resort to do a little Pokemon hunting (don't judge) upon our return. It was a nice change of pace.

Day 6 we got back into the action though and started the day off with a long hike to find Cecret Lake.

The trail got a little rough and steep in parts. But I think the end result was worth it. There were a few mixed reviews on that .

I can promise you though, if the lake wasn't worth it the hills and hills of blooming wildflowers were.

After heading back for some lunch and to rest our tired feet, we invited up more friends/family for a pizza and pool party in the evening. Everyone had a great time.

We are loving that not only do we get to enjoy this every year. But we get to enjoy it with others as well.  Can't beat that!

Snowbird Staycation- Day 4 continued

There was too much fun to show it to you all in one post. What a great day! We rode rides all the way from  11 am to 7pm with only a couple short breaks for meals here and there. 

Then after a long, fun day, once the kids were passed out in bed Mike and I got to enjoy the private balcony hot tub for some more alone time in the peace and quiet while we star gazed and chatted about how much fun we were having.
Another pretty good day indeed!