Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spring Soccer

Spring soccer season has already started back up and we have the first two games under our belts. Faith is a proud Member of the Pink Gumdrops who so far, have ended up with one tie and one loss. 
And Zaric is a card-carrying member of the Sonic Fireball Chickens who are tearing it up with two season starting wins! 

We are having a fun start to the season. It'll be over before we know it!

The Birthday Followup

We ended up finishing up the Bday celebrations this year by letting the twins take treats to school and letting them pick where to have dinner after school on the day of. They chose to go to Pizza Pie Cafe, of course! 

The following weekend that bday money they received was burning holes in their little pockets. They chose to go to Build a Bear and make some new friends.  Zaden picked out a Batman themed bear and named him Batman, Jr., naturally. Zaric picked out a dog with some soccer accessories and after many name changes and researching soccer players, we settled on naming him Beckham, Jr.  (Mom may have influenced that choice a little, ok a lot.). 

They each had a little left, so they asked to go to TRU next. They both picked out some knee and elbow pads for their adventures with their new roller skates. And then Zaden picked himself out another Batman toy and Zaric chose a new character set for their Lego Dimensions game.  

I'd say these boys were a little unusually spoiled this year.  But that's ok. They are just cute enough to deserve it.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Happy 8th Birthday Boys!

Taking a little trip down memory lane this morning. Happy 8th Birthday to these twinners! You are so much fun to have around. I love the ways you are in the same: you both love animals, art, bikes, scooters, super hero's and video games. And I love all the ways you are different: one of you loves sports, one of you loves reading, one of you loves the Cowboys, one of you loves The Packers. One of you is loud and outgoing, one of you is quiet and shy. May you always share your special bond while shining your own individual personalities on the world. You two have definitely given Mom and Dad a run for their money over the last 8 years, but all of the trials and heartaches have been worth watching your successes and happiness develop at your own pace. As much as I long for you to stay little, I love watching you grow and change at the same time. I hope this last week and today will have brought everything you could have asked for, to celebrate your special day. Love you boys!

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Ninja's! Part 3- The End Game.

We finished up the party with opening gifts. 

And then we sang and made our wishes. 

 And had a little cake and ice cream party in the back yard.  
All in all, it was a great party. We have 2 very happy ninja's who have declared it the best birthday party ever.

Only 1 more day until I am forced to accept that they will be officially 8.  Maybe today will be the day that time stops.....*crossing my fingers*. 

Ninja's! Part 2- The party games!

Once our guests started arriving, we enjoyed eating the food, watching some Kung Fu Panda and playing some ninja games in the back yard.

We found our Ninja names using a decoder tool,  and made some dragon warrior sidekicks with a little craft.

Then we practiced our kicks on some unsuspecting boxes.  

And chopped some wood with our karate chop skillz

And we sharpened up our ninja star throwing skills and killed some balloons. 

And annihilated the hanging ninja with some ninja staff's 

 I'm happy to say they all passed the ninja training course.