Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pucks and P!NK!

Instead of having a 3 day weekend, like most. The kids and I got to have a 4 day weekend. This worked out nicely because I was still recovering from a cold and got to take it somewhat easy and just so some crafts on Friday while the kids played. Then Mike took us out of the house to dinner which was much appreciated.  Saturday we did a few chores around the house and took it mostly easy again. The kids were playing really well together so why rock the boat, right? I was able to finally get enough rest and finish a book I was reading which left me feeling great for Sunday which was playoff championship time! It was football all afternoon for us which was just fine by me!
Monday we finally ventured out for some real fun. It was Pass of all Passes day at the Grizzlies game. Which meant free tickets for us. So we set out for an afternoon game time. Here's some silly shots in our seats. And one of my sister and 2 of her kids since they decided to sneak up to the game at the last minute. Too bad they were in a different section from us, we didn't get to visit much. We ended up losing by 1 in overtime. Sad.

After the game, I was off to my next adventure while Mike and the kids went home. I was off to meet some girls for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory then to the long awaited and twice rescheduled P!NK concert. It was so worth the wait.

Awesome weekend.  I feel relaxed, renewed and my world rocked!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Midway Ice Castle

Over the weekend, we were able to meet up with my sister and fam to go see the Midway Ice Castle. First we met in Heber for some dinner at the Dairy Keen. The kids liked the model train running along the ceiling and I made these two ride the train in the cold outside for a pic.
After we filled our bellies with food and shakes, it was off to Midway for the castle. We got there right around dusk so we could see them when they turn on the lights as well. It was really cool. Of course I forgot the memory card for the camera, so all we got were cell phone pics but they turned out pretty cool too. Here's a few of my favorites.

Thanks for the invite Tracey! We had fun. Time to plan the next outing together.

Here's the link to the info for anyone wanting to go. It only goes for another month or so though so you better hurry before they let it melt away. www.icecastles.com

Monday, January 06, 2014

So Happy Together

I'm happy to report that Mike and I finished up the year and started the next year on a roll with getting to spend extra time alone without the kids. We managed (with the help of a sitter) to sneak out right before New Year's to the local Comedy club and watch Christopher Titus perform. We had a great time and he was hilarious. Well worth it.

And then right after New Year's Papa and Grandma took them for one more weekend before school started. I got to spend some time with the girls while he relaxed with his video games on Friday night. And then Saturday we spent the morning running a couple errands, shopping and then having lunch together at the Cheesecake Factory. We then spent some time unwinding at home and basking in the quietness while we watched a movie from our collection. Saturday night, we went out for some more action and went to the dance club with some friends of mine. I danced my booty off until my feet couldn't take it anymore and Mike had a good time people watching.

Sunday morning, we made some breakfast and took our time getting ready and snuck in one more movie together on the couch before we met Papa and Grandma for lunch and to get the kids.

Thanks again Papa and Grandma! The kids had a blast and can't wait to do it again already. We had a blast too and maybe next time, I'll even get Mike out on the dance floor. Maybe.

Friday, January 03, 2014

A Laid Back New Year's

New Year's Eve was pretty laid back here at the Ouren's. We played a couple of games, and the kids played with the perler bead craft stuff for a while. We feasted on some appetizers and then everyone except me and Caleb fell asleep before midnight. Even Mike fell asleep on the couch then woke up at 11:55 which I told him does NOT count at all. At midnight, we hugged and watched a few fireworks going off in the valley and then all climbed directly into bed. Such party animals we are.

We didn't even come up with any resolutions. Did you?

Hope your New Year's festivities were a little more lively and we wish you all well for 2014!