Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

Happy Easter!
We took some time Saturday after Caleb's soccer game to get some eggs dyed. 

 Superhero's and princesses, of course!

After an eventful small earthquake at our house Saturday night (for reals!), the Easter bunny managed to make it to our house once the chaos calmed down and the kids went back to bed.   They woke up to filled baskets and eggs hidden in the yard. 
Faiths basket had a Sofia DVD, Sofia necklace, Sofia bowl and silverware, a lady bug cup, a finger kite, a flashlight,  bubbles, candy, fruit rollups and a Capri Sun.
The twins each got new swimsuits, flip flops, paint with water books, finger kites, flashlights, bubbles, candy, fruit roll ups, and a Capri Sun.
Calebs's basket had a new swim suit, modeling clay, a flashlight, bubbles, candy and a Capri Sun. 

 After the sun came up, we were outside in a hurry to find those eggs! There was a mixture of the real ones we colored and tons of plastic ones filled with more candy and coins.

 They made out like bandits on the egg hunt. And we found several later in the day they had missed. We also found a large box of new sidewalk chalk that bunny had left outside for us to find as well. So they spent a few hours in the driveway drawing up new masterpieces.
It was a good, laid-back Easter here at the Ouren household. We are finishing it up with a nice dinner of ham, roasted red potatoes, corn on the cob and rolls. Then some pie for dessert. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tulip Festival

It's Easter weekend! Our original plans for the weekend changed so we decided to still take some time off and enjoy some local fun. Friday afternoon we made it to Thanksgiving Point to the opening day of the Tulip Festival. We had fun walking around the paths and enjoying the beautiful flowers while taking pics and basking in the spring weather.  We even got to gaze at some koi fish and met a goose along the trail by Monet Lake.




Afterwards we got to enjoy a nice dinner at Texas Roadhouse together. It was the perfect Easter weekend kickoff.