Monday, July 29, 2013

Little Miss One-Stitch

This summer has been full of tons of play and tons of time at home. Along with all of the playing have been many scrapes and bruises along the way. So when Faith bonked her head yesterday, I thought nothing of it. I was in the kitchen busily cleaning when I heard her fall and crying some. I kept asking her if she was alright and trying to confort her with words since my hands happened to be full at the moment. A couple minutes later, she got up from where she was crying and came around the couch. I took one look at her covered in blood and it dripping down her face onto her shirt to know that this was no normal bonk. I hoisted her on the counter and cleaned her face up to get a look at her. Once I got a good look at it, I felt sick to my stomach knowing she probably needed a stitch or 2. I called the Dr.'s office which had noone available to help then called Mike at work and left him a message that we were on our way to the Insta Care for stitches and to please help if he could get away.
He called us back on the way was able to get away long enough to come help with the other kids while the Dr. tended to her. Which was great and Faith was glad Daddy was there. She ended up with one stitch right above her eye. She actually did quite well for the Dr.with a little help from me holding her on my chest while he sewed and with some luck the Dr. thinks we'll have very little scarring in the future.

The Yellow Chair

This last week/weekend was full of projects and getting many neglected things around the house taken care of.  One of those projects included finally painting my patio rocking chair. I bought this chair 3 years ago at the family reunion knowing some day I would have a patio or porch to put it on. Well it sat in the storage shed for 2 years at the old house. Then has been sitting on the back patio here at the new house for almost a  year while I couldn't make up my mind what color I wanted it. But I finally made a decision, yellow!

So Thursday morning I went to work. Here's the before:

And after a coat of primer and one coat of paint:
And with the cute cushion I found to go on it.
I love it! I've added another coat and a clear finishing coat to it since this pic. I'm very happy with this project. Pics of another project coming soon.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Forsgren Family Fun

Right after returning from Yellowstone, we had to go to Elmo for the reunion for my mom's side of the family, the Forsgren's. It's a small gathering, but it's a fun one. We enjoyed playing a few games and visiting and eating. Here are a few pics of the fun. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Yellowstone Trip Day 7- (The ride home)

It was a fun week, but we were all ready to head home. We got an early start and drove through the corner of the park one last time, seeing more bison and elk along the way.  We drove and drove and drove. Here are some boredom pics from along the way. 

I wanted to go a little off the path and stop in Preston, ID to see my grandparents grave. I haven't been there in years and years (well over 20). So I thought it was time. We stopped and picked some wildflowers and visited for a few minutes.
It was super hot, we stopped for a rest stop and decided to get the kids all some ice cream cones.

Then we trucked it the last long haul home. We were so thankful to be home and out of the car. We spent the night watching Space Balls and ordering pizza. Then getting some rest before a little more car time the next day to a family reunion. 

Yellowstone Day 6- (More falls and horseback riding).

On our last official day in the park, we took off for some scheduled horseback riding. Unfortunately, because of some construction and some bison in the road slowing us down, we barely missed the first group that we were supposed to be in and they didn't have enough horses available in the second group. While we were waiting for their time to go we went ahead and checked out the upper falls from the lookout point again. We had only seen it from before at the Lower Falls from a distance.

Mike and I opted out to let the others go on the horses, so we took some pics of them getting saddled up.

While they were riding, we went over to the canyon gift shop and had some late lunch at the diner. Then did a little more souvenier shopping then went back to meet up with them again for the drive home. Then it was time for dinner and to start packing to head home.

Yellowstone Day 5- (hiking, Yellowstone lake and more animals)

Day 5 we started off wanting to see a moose and we did (sort of). We stopped by the road where some people were seeing one. It was far away and none of us had binoculars on us or a scope so we tried to see it and couldn't so we snapped some pics and debated the rest of the day if there was really one there or not. Can you spot one?
Then we continued on to the Lamar Valley area. Where we saw tons and tons of bison in 2 large herds and a few here and there along the way.

And this guy hanging out on the side of the road.
Then we stopped for a little hike up to Trout Lake. There is supposedly a family of otters that lived there. We were hoping to see them. We didn't but the lake itself was beautiful anyway.  We did see some ducks and some dragonfly's on the lake and a couple water snakes.

After the hike and some lunch, we were off the Yellowstone Lake. We had some ice cream from the village and then took the kids to see the lake and play a little in the water.

Then it was another long drive back seeing more bison on the road, and more elk along the way.  We were all pretty convinced that we did not see a moose by the time we came home. But upon further review, Roberta was able to find it in her pic. There was indeed a moose!