Wednesday, December 31, 2008

DaNell's tag

My neice, DaNell, gave me this tag on her blog and I have been lazy about getting around to it. But she gave me a deadline of 11:59 pm on December 31st and I'm all about meeting deadlines. So check the time stamp Nells.

1) How old are you? 29 (or 25 like I tell Caleb)
2) What is your favorite color(s)? Purple, Dark green, pink
3) What is your favorite soda? Pepsi
4) What is your favorite fast food place? Wendy's
5) What is your favorite restaraunt? The Olive Garden
6) What is your favorite food? Burgers
7) What is your usual bed time? 9:30-10
8) What is your favorite holiday? Cinco de Mayo (he he he.......)
9) What do you do for fun? I scrapbook and read
10) Do you have more than 10 books in your room? Not in my room, but a ton in the "office"

There you go. Tag to anyone that wants to play!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Song Bird

Caleb has been such a song bird lately. He's been constantly belting out all of the Christmas songs he learned at school. Even now that Christmas is over they still keep coming. Yesterday morning started off with his walking around the house pulling up the blinds on every window he could reach and singing "Today is a wonderful Day" which isn't Christmas but still a preschool song. Then this morning, while I was feeding the babies some solid food, I heard this going on downstairs. Notice the helmet, it goes on first thing in the morning..every morning since Sat. Luckily I was able to talk him into an encore to get some video.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Commotion Part 2

My internet has been down all day so I wasn't able to get these posted earlier. So I am finally getting there tonight. Here's what we still had waiting for us when we got home on the 27th.

We wasted no time jumping in to open the presents as soon as the car was unloaded with the loot we got in Price. I will admit we did cheat and opened a few before we left on the 24th. But I'm not telling who's :)
Caleb got this fun robe from Grandma Braska. She made it herself. He liked it and it looks so warm.

We all received some Christmas cash from a few sources. Caleb got some from Great Grandpa and Grandma and from Great Aunt Sue. He wanted to spend it right away of course so by Sunday this is what he had acquired. 4 books, a new Wall-E game for the handheld Leapster he got from Papa Ringo, and Mom let him overspend a bit and let him get the Nascar outfit for Lightning the dinosaur he's been eye-balling.

The babies got money from Great Grandpa and Grandma, Great Aunt Sue and a gift card from little Maddie. We decided since they were pretty set on toys and clothes right now, we would pool the money together and purchase a 2nd front facing carseat for them( I know so practical and unlike us). We still have Caleb's old one so just needed one more. They will big enough for these before we know it! So this is what we got. And of course we did throw in a couple small toys for them.

So thanks to everyone for the great gifts and cashola. Mike and I are slowly chipping away at our Christmas cash too. We LOVED everything and I think this is the first year that we have done absolutely zero returns. We are keeping it all!!!!
We are starting the task of de-christmas-izing the house. I took down all the indoor decorations minus the tree today and the house is already feeling bare. Both garbage cans are full of wrapping paper and boxes and we still haven't even opened up some things. We will take down the tree and hopefully the outdoor decorations this coming weekend (barring any more snow). Then it will be completely over until next year. And yes, that does make me a little sad.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Commotion

Our long Christmas weekend started off with a bang. We drove down to Price early on the 24th and hung out with Papa at his house for the morning and then it was off to Grandma Nette's house for her Christmas Eve get-together. Us girls have a long running joke with Papa Kevin about flamingos in his house so when we found these flamingo pants over the summer we all got a pair and saved them for a special occasion. Grandma Nette also had some flamingo visers to complete our taunting.

After we had a yummy dinner of lasagna with salad and garlic bread and goodies, it was time to open presents from Grandma Nette and Uncle Ryan. Here's Zaden helping Dad with one. We all got our new Christmas jammies and a toy from Grandma and then the kids got blankets from uncle Ry. Mike got a new hat and I got a scrapbook from him.

After we got back to Papa Ringo's I had brought down a special present from me for Caleb to open on Christmas Eve. I made him his own NY Giants blanket. He's been asking for one for some time. He LOVED it and of course had to sleep with it that night. Oh and these are the new Christmas (Hulk) jammies from Grandma Nette's.

Santa had it quite easy this year. Caleb was pooped from playing so hard with the kids and went to bed early. He was asleep by 8 and the boyz went to sleep about that time too. So Santa was finished with everything by 9 and ate his plate of cookies and sat around watching TV for a while before heading to bed. Here's a pic of the kids' stuffed stockings.

And here's the stack Santa left for Caleb.

And the stack for Zaric and Zaden.

The babies woke up around 6 ish and after snuggling with papa for a bit went right to playing with their new toys.

Once Caleb got up around 7:30 and realized that Santa had been there already and had indeed left his dinosaur he's been wanting so bad, he went right to playing with it and a couple times even scared himself making it growl.

After playing with Santa presents for a while we watched Grandma and Grandpa open theirs from under the tree and opened our presents from them. Here's Zaric trying to rip into the one from Grandpa Ringo and Grandma Judi. Zaden was on the other side trying to get it open from that side too.

And this is what was inside. They loved their new horsey.

Here's a pic of me and my Niece Maygun when she got to Papa's on Christmas day. Everyone says we look alike especially since she got her new glasses. So I put mine on for this pic. I can see it too. Too bad I am squinting.

Due to the snow. Papa got called out from work to go plow the roads at about 2:30 in the afternoon and didn't get home until after 1 am. So that put a damper on our plans to hang out and play games with everyone. So everyone just went home to get out of the storm and let their kids play with their new stuff. To make the most of being snowed in without Papa on Christmas night, Grandma Judi and Caleb built a tent over the air hockey table. He played in it for quite a while and invited us all in for a look. Here's some pics of him and Grandma Judi in the tent. He also took in his new Giants blanket from mom to make a bed. This is the backside of it.

We were planning on coming home on the 26th. But Papa kept insisting we stay another day since he'd been out plowing and such for so long on Christmas day. He pleaded with me and Mike a good portion of the morning and Schydi was told she could spend the night with Caleb if we stayed again. So we ended up staying an extra day. Which worked out well because Ryan and Tracey came back over and we got to play those games we missed out on Christmas day. We played a round of a dice game called LCR and Tracey won all our money. Then we played about 5 rounds of Apples to Apples. It was a good time.
After we finally got home yesterday morning, we got to open the presents still left under our tree (more pics to come of that tomorrow). But here was Caleb's favorite present from under the tree. It was funny he loved this so much because we had Great Aunt Peg grab it for us in Nebraska and ship it to us. We decided at the last minute to go ahead and wrap it up and throw it under the tree. Boy am I glad we did. He wore it all day yesterday and got up first thing this morning and put on the helmet to watch some cartoons. It's his very own Nebraska Huskers (or the Kari's as he calls them) uniform.

We've had a great holiday break so far. There were so many pics to share I couldn't fit them all in so will share some more tomorrow. And thanks to Skype we were able to link up Christmas morning with Mike's family in Nebraska and show them the big dino and wish them a Merry Christmas. We were also able to link up to Great Grandpa Howard's party last night and were able to actually pick our own gifts for his gift exchange instead of just listening to descriptions on the phone. Lots more fun.

Another Christmas for the memory books!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dear Santa- A Reminder

Dear Santa,

It has been a busy morning here. First my mom took Zaden to the Dr. office to get his new helmet. I stayed home with Dad and Zaric.

I really like his helmet and I already decorated it with a NY Giants sticker. They are my favorite football team. What's your favorite team?
After my mom got home, I helped her make cookies to take to Price with us for Papa to eat and we are going to make you a special plate of them too so you can have a snack.

We made Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Crinkles and some Peanut Butter Cookies. We also have some chocolate chip ones to take down and my mom is going to help me make some pre-made sugar ones in the morning with the snowman dough she bought before we leave. I hope you like them all.

Please remember that I will be at my Papa Ringo's. His address is Price. I am taking my stocking down with me so you will know where to find me and can fill it there. Remember that I told you I wanted a big remote control dinosaur? I have been trying to be really good so I can get one but I know sometimes I am bad, but I am good too.
I will see you at Price tomorrow night.
P.S. My Mom says that she wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and will share our Christmas pictures with everyone on this blog in a few days. See you soon!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Zoo Lights

We made it!!!! Just in the Nick of time, we finally got up to see Zoo Lights this year. We went last year and loved it so had been trying to fit it in this year too. The weather has been so snowy and cold we had been a little discouraged, but tonight turned out great to bundle up and go. Here's some pics from our adventure.

I gave Mike the camera and you'll notice why I don't do this often. He doesn't take the time to wait and see if people are actually looking at him and stuff just snaps and goes. These Poinsettia's are nice though.

Fun pick of the orangutan that climbs across the pathway like he's swinging from one side to the other. Caught him right in the middle of his trip.
Here's the 2 oldest boyz in front of a big hippo head.

Me and Caleb trying to be tough guys like this gorilla who was flexing his muscles.
Here's me and the wee ones in front of the Mama elephant and her calf.

Mike liked these elephant lights in the tree.

Caleb loved this gingerbread house. I don't think you were supposed to get this close since they kinda had it blocked off. But he marched himself right in there for a pic without me even asking. Who can say no to that?

Caleb had been playing "photog" all day at the house yesterday after we went to Dad's work to deliver presents and hand out his spiders to people. He had so much fun doing that. Well mostly he took tons of shots of his brothers and one day when I have the energy, I'll go through all 300 of them and pick out some good ones to share. But it was no surprise to us that he wanted to take his camera along with us. And here's a few shots he got on his. Thank you Papa Ringo for last year's Christmas present. It's still getting put to good use. The Fisher Price Kids Tough Camera!!

We had so much fun on this outing! I think they had even more lights this year than last so that made it all that much better. I really hope we keep making it a point to make it before Christmas every year. A new tradition for us I think.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Picture Parade- The Past Few Days

This weekend started off with a big storm on Friday afternoon. Which me and Mike both ended up having to drive fun. It took us both tons of time to get home. After we got home Caleb and Mike got to shoveling. Caleb loves to shovel with his Dad and uses this tiny snow shovel to "help".

Here he is sneaking up on Mike with a snowball while Mike was shoveling around the side of the house.

The storm also created these pretty cool icicles from the roof. We would knock them down except for one little problem........they have encased our icicle lights!

Caleb discovered his love for Christmas goodies this weekend. A package came from Grandma Braska with her homemade snickerdoodles in it and I made some Homemade fudge Sat morning. So here he is with one of each in both hands.

Saturday afternoon our friend Shannon stopped by from Seattle. She flew into town to spend Christmas with her family in the St. George area and wanted to come say hello. It was a fun visit and we're hoping to see her again on her way back to the airport on the 27th.

After she left we ventured out for our annual light-looking adventure. We tried a new fast food restaurant (Chadders) on the way. We weren't real impressed with it. We give it 4 out of 10. I took some pics of our light looking outing. I hope some of these people don't think I am too creepy, but it's their fault for making their houses so darn cute. That's what I say anyway.

And finally I am including these promised pics. First is the boyz in their new Huskers caps that Great Aunt Peggy sent. So cute.

This one I like to call "Hey you look just like me, I Love the hat!" True buddies already.

And finally the picture of Caleb and the Santa that came to preschool. This one was kinda funny. When Caleb got up there and he asked him what he wanted Caleb was like "I already told you" since he did tell him at Grandma Nette's party. But he told him again anyway and was asking me later why Santa didn't remember. I told him he was just double checking in case Caleb had changed his mind. So Safe again for one more year.