Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween from Snap, Crackle and Pop, the Cheerios Honeybee and the housewife and Milk man that created them.


Pumpkin carving was more entertaining this year since the twins actually got a little bit into it. They liked gutting them and helped me pick out what to carve in them. Zaden liked watching me carve his as well. This was the first year Caleb actually wanted to do a pattern too and learned how to transfer on the pattern and even cared out a few of the sections on his own before he handed the rest over to Mom. I ended up carving 5 pumpkins that night. But luckily they went fast and it was helped along by the pumpkin shaped pizza we got from Papa Murphy's to go along with the theme. Here's some carving/gutting fun pics.

And here are the results. From left to right. Owl (Zaden), "Hi" (Faith), spider (Caleb), Sugar Skull (Becca) and ghost (Zaric). Faith has been making some little noises lately that sound like she's telling us, "hi" and it makes us giggle so Caleb thought that would be fun to put in her pumpkin.

Of course Mike had to blow all of our skills out of the water and do something a little more elaborate with his........Show Off!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Carnival

Last night was the Fall Carnival at Caleb's school. We got to go have dinner and then the boys got to play with some activities. Caleb wore one of his 2 costumes this year. He is Obi Wan for his school activities and something else for the family "theme" to be revealed soon. They got to bob for worms, do a fish pond, pumpkin bowling, pumpkin golfing, spider races, make a sucker ghost and other fun stuff like get silly stringed. They had a lot of fun for the first little while until the twins decided they were tired of waiting in lines for their turns and got grumpy. But overall a good time was had by all. And of course the best part was at the end of each activity they got to pick a prize at every station.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Almost 6 weeks old

Miss Faith will be 6 weeks old on Monday. Time is flying by so fast. That means only 1 full week before Mommy goes back to work and life changes again. We're having so much fun being home together and playing dress up, it's going to be a hard adjustment. I just love this new outfit I got for her. We rocked Costco in it yesterday.

And to celebrate the big 6 weeks, Faith says "Look what I can do!" She's getting pretty good at holding that head up.

Before we know it she'll be rolling and crawling and walking and talking. Some days I really want to slow time down.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Witches Night Out

What a fun and Halloween-y weekend this has been for us. After we got back from Wellington on Saturday night, I was excited that I had made it back in time to go to Witches Night Out at Gardner Village with my friend Holly. I didn't think I would be so I hadn't planned ahead and had to throw together an outfit and run to Target for a hat at the last minute. But what a blast it was! I'm excited to try to make this a tradition to go to every year. Any other girlies out there that want to join us next year, just let us know. It's a great ghouls night out activity.

Party at Grandma's

Gma's Halloween Party 2011 - flash slideshow maker
We took a quick day trip to Wellington to Grandma Nette's Halloween Party on Saturday. Everyone had a good time. We enjoyed some pizza, bobbing for apples, decorating cookies and visiting as well as seeing her new cute little house. It was a good trip indeed. Enjoy the party pics of the kids and all their cousins.

The Pumpkin Patch

Friday night was a fun family night. We loaded up the kiddo's and took them to Pack Farms Pumpkin Patch in Farmington. This is our favorite patch and we didn't make it last year so we were super excited to go. Zaden kept asking all day everywhere we stopped if it was "time for pumpkin?" It was so cute. They had tons of pumpkins to choose from and then of course the kids got to play in the hay maze and the corn and tons of other photo props. So I have a ton to share because I'm a camera-happy Mama (so sue me). So here's some fun ones.

Above: Of course we picked out a baby Pumpkin for the baby Faith.

Below: Caleb is on the hunt for the perfect pumpkin. This first one was fun. But not the perfect one.

Below: Zaden had waited too long for the pumpkins and been too hyped up. By the time we got there he wanted nothing to do with the pumpkins. He finally posed on this one with a pout for a Mama picture.

Below: Zaric was a super-duper pumpkin hunter. He was having a ball running through the patch and pointing them all out to us. And he kept being a ham and posing for us.

Above: He picked out his own. Here's Dad helping him get it in the cart.

Below: Caleb's hunt paid off as well and he found the Perfect-Perfect one as he says.

Below: Mike.........well he's Mike. He found the biggest pumpkin in the patch that night and scooped it up for himself. I see a looooooong day ahead of carving in his future.

Below: Because Mama also picked up some white pumpkins just for fun, we ended up with 8 pumpkins all in all.

Below: Of course this is the cutest pumpkin in the cart.

Below: What a cute witches brew.

Below: Me and Faith out trolling for Scare-hotties. (You gotta start them early ;) ).

Below: All my favorite people

Below: Zaden loved this part. And the rest of us had a little fun with it too.

Below: Zaric checks out the "Torn". I tried to correct him that it was said "Ka-orn" But he insists, nope "Torn".

Below: Caleb's hot-rodder

And even though it was missing a baby girl. This turned out to be my favorite photo from the evening.

It was a super fun outing and we finished it off by trying out a new burger joint in Farmington. Tony Burgers, fries and a shake. What could be better than that?