Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hollywood Connection

We have been such home hermits lately. I decided today we needed to get out a little. First we started with a little shopping for Mom. Then headed off to a yummy lunch at Smashburger (DOUBLE YUM). Then we took the boys to the surprise destination choice of the day- Hollywood Connection.

I really don't know why we don't visit this place more, it's so close to us. We didn't get to do everything since it's hard with the little boys but Caleb got to ride some rides. He really liked the small dragon roller coaster and went on it multiple times. Zaric got to ride one of his favorite things-the carousel. And Zaden only wanted to look at the lights and run around. Of course I whipped out the camera to take some pictures and the battery was dead-drats!

The best attraction of the day though was the plastic jungle gym. They all played in there for quite a while and it was so big the twins kept getting lost in it and forgetting how to get out. But we finally all made it out and headed home worn out and I even snuck in a nap with the twins. :)

Next time, we hope to maybe visit the roller skating area and mini golf. But for today, it was just right.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Speech Bump

Since all of our children thus far have been born 7 and 8 weeks premature, we knew and were told there would most likely be some development delays. Most of them have been minor and the boys have all managed to catch up. However, the one thing that has plagued all three of them is speech development.
When Caleb was 2, we panicked about it and got him into an early intervention program right away. However, we always felt like we panicked too soon and felt like it was only slightly beneficial when we were forced to stop at 3 years old (their cut off). But he soon caught up and is now right at the top of his class and even learning a 2nd language on top of it.
When the twins started showing many of the same speech delay signs as Caleb, we discussed it with the Dr. who suggested early intervention again. We talked it over and decided against it. We didn't panic this time. We decided to ride it out a while longer and be more patient with these two in hopes that it would naturally take it's course and like Caleb they would start catching up when they were ready.
They are now quickly approaching 3 years old in April. This last month and a half, speech is doing exactly what we had hoped for Zaden and he is starting to explode with words, right into 3-5 word sentences and started to parrot us (yes still very late, but getting there). We are pleased with his progress and have been very encouraged for him to have a voice.
However, Zaric is struggling. He is starting to fall far behind Zaden and is getting more and more frustrated all the time in certain situations. We believe this is due to his inability to communicate with words (instead of just pointing). So we decided it's time that we intervene with him and get him headed in the same direction as his brother. We started with the ENT at his last ear tube check up. He still has one of his ear tubes in and the ENT thought that maybe his speech problems were do to a hearing loss. He tested his hearing twice over the last year and both times he passed with flying colors. So that's not it. He recommended a rehab office to us and today we had our first appt. The lady doing the testing came to the conclusion (just as we already knew) that there was definitely a delay there.
So now we have been put on a waiting list to start services there. It will take a month or more to get in most likely and in the mean time we just keep doing what we are doing and a few other tips and tricks that she sent home with us. We don't know how often we will go yet or how long this process will take, but we are ready to buckle down and do what he needs to help him.
Wish us luck!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Long Time Friends


This past weekend, my long time friend Shelby was in Price from Arizona. We've been friends ever since we were born pretty much. We lived on the same street until we were 5 and her family moved away. We've kept in touch in letters and by phone and visited in person as often as possible all these years.
After the hockey game on Friday we headed down to Price for the weekend to spend time with her and her son Gabe. It was a nice long visit. She'll be in town for a while so I am sure we'll visit more in the near future.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Go Grizzlies!

Friday night, we got to have a family date. We took Santa up on his tickets to a Utah Grizzlies hockey game. I got the boys all dressed up in the shirts Santa left them with the tickets. They are so stinking cute in them. Only 2 would cooperate for a pre-game picture (and only slightly).

This one I had to corner and tickle to get a picture of before we left.
We went out to a nice family dinner at Applebees near the Maverick Center thanks to Great Grandpa's generous gift card he sent us for Christmas (Thanks Howard and Sandy). And there's even enough left over for another dinner another night :). Then we headed over to the Maverick center stopped in the gift shop for some shirts for Mom and Dad and took our seats. Santa was also good to us this year and got us front row seats. We were right next to the penalty boxes. The boys wasted no time finding something to play on while waiting for the game to start.

And a little girl came up and asked if she could give the twins a puck. It was seriously so sweet. The boys all enjoyed passing that around but at the end of the night, of course big brother claimed it as his.

The boys loved that they could watch right up next to the glass.

But they also liked their seats........... and our laps....... and the popcorn........... and the Sprite.

It was a very fun outing and the Grizz ended up losing 4-2. But that's ok, it was fun just being together and enjoying a game. We're hoping to make it to at least one more game this season.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Treats for the Furry Ones

The 4 Legged members of our family really don't receive the blog face time princesses like them think they deserve. So today is devoted to them. For those of you that haven't met them. This is our resident napper, Sophie.

Sophie, is the longest running addition to the family. We got her as a stubby pup right after we bought this house. She's an almost 9 year old. That's getting up there in doggy years! She's the most loving dog ever and loves anyone and is always excited to have visitors and go on car rides and get treats.

And up next is our resident feline with an attitude, Callie.
Callie is a very pretty almost 6 year old Tabby cat. She's very unique as almost all tabby's are male, we have one of the rare females. Seriously, it blows the vet away every time we go in. She's checked to make sure, more than once. And Callie hates me. No, really ask Mike....she hates me. No matter what I do it's not good enough for this princess. However, Mike and Caleb can do no wrong. She even lets Caleb hold her like a baby doll. Every once in a while I do get to pet for for about 30 seconds before she bolts. But I love her anyways.
Santa left them each a hearty stocking full of goodies this year and he also left these cute little kits to make them treats.
So Caleb and I spent some time yesterday mixing it up, rolling it out and cutting out shapes to back. We did fish for the cat and bone shapes for the dog.

And the result, they hate them! They think they are way too good for them. They turned up their noses and told us they would stick to the store bought brand of Beggin Strips. Milk Bones, Dingo Bones and Temptations cat treats.
Anything else I can please you with, your Highness's?

Friday, January 07, 2011

Country Roots

As I mentioned yesterday my sister and I have been planning some little mini vaca's to get away and to see some concerts of some of our favorite country music singers. The first two have been booked and are official so here's the scoop: In February, we take a road trip to Vegas to see George Strait and Reba.

And in April we fly to Dallas to see her favorite Kenny Chesney.
Wow! Dallas, what could possibly be there other than Kenny? Well it just so happens that he is playing in the new Cowboys Stadium!!!!!!!!!! A dream of mine to go there, even if my beloved Cowboys aren't playing, I think I will still feel their energy surrounding me. I might even pee my pants upon entry. I think I'll pack some Depends, just in case ;).
I seriously love the Cowboys! Win or lose they are my team for life. I am also a lover of many genre's of music, however country music was what I grew up on and something that will never get out of my system. So here's to embracing our loves and sticking with that resolution to "Be myself", my country roots showing and all. And a pre-thanks to my wonderful hubby for letting this all happen and taking on the boys while I am away. You are the best! Let the countdowns begin!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Play, Play, Play

The New Year has started off with a whole lot of being home and play time. The boys are still loving their big trucks Santa left them and even giving each other rides in them.

And we took a little shopping trip thanks to everyone that send cash and gift cards, the boys each picked out a toy. Zaden picked out his own little leapfrog laptop and Zaric a bead toy. They love them. And Mom was even able to pick them out a couple new shirts.

Caleb has been enjoying all of his stuff as well. We've not had many clear nights to test out the telescope but are looking forward to lots of it this summer. He bought himself a couple small toys with his Christmas gift card and wanted to put all of his cash in his crayon bank for another day when he wants to shop. He's such a good saver already. I could stand to learn a little something from him.
Mike has been enjoying his big toy this year- his Xbox 360 and has been playing lots of new games on it. I have been playing my Nintendo DS and enjoying my music, movies and other gifts I received as well. I have also had fun planning some mini trips to take this year with my sister. So I am looking forward to lots of playing with her in the near future.
We hope you are all having as much fun with your new toys as we are.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Be Yourself

Happy New Year! Every New Years I make a few resolutions for myself which I never tend to stick to. Then the guilt sets in and I feel terrible for a while. I found this quote on FB the other day and I think it's perfect and what I am going to try to strive to do in 2011. I have no idea who wrote it but it says this:

"Every Year you make a resolution to change yourself.....this year make a resolution to BE Yourself"

I love it! I think it's perfect and something I really need to focus on, so that's my official resolution for 2011. I wish you all the best of luck for 2011 and with your own resolutions if you have some.