Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Giant Slip N Slide

Our neighborhood had their first ever end of summer block party last night and created a giant Slip N Slide down the hill at the gully across the street. We decided at the last minute to join in the fun and boy were we glad we did. The kids had a great time. It took Zaden and Faith a little time to warm up to the idea but once they did, they loved it. Here's a funny video of Faith's first ride down the hill.
And some action shots of the others coming down using sleds for extra boosts. And some of Faith's second run.

Great way to end the evening. 

Grizzlies Exhibition Game

Yesterday was the exhibition games for C's football team. To be honest, this year has been a bit of a challenge for all of us and we were just hoping the boys would play well enough. But not only did they play well enough in a very tight game. But they ended up winning and scoring the only touchdown of the day. Grizzlies Win 7-0!!!! Since it was the exhibition game, it doesn't count on the record for the season but it was a nice boost of confidence that these boys desperately needed this year.

Here he is before the game with Mom making him pose for the mandatory 2015 season photo.  #2 this year!

C started the game off a little rough by missing some plays and blocks. But the second half, he got his head back in the game and came out with nice running tackle and 2 QB sacks! That's my boy!  His coaches have nick-named him "Uh Oh" this year because that's what the other team says when they see him coming at 'em. It cracks me up.  Here are the action shots of him kicking some can the second half of the game yesterday.

And I'm helping out the team mom here and there and get to make the half-time banners for the team. They showed their appreciation by running right through it.  Just like the tough-guys they are. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Preschool Princess

Not to be left of this year (finally), our little girly is a certified Preschool Princess. Even says so right on her shirt (seriously, how perfect is that shirt?).  She got to start preschool yesterday and went right in and sat down like a champ. She loved it and has been bothering me all day today asking if it's time to go again. She's even informed me that on this, her second day, she already doesn't need me to walk her in. Sniff......sniff...... that's not supposed to start this early!  My babies are growing up and it's simply not fair!

School Dayzzzz

School is back in session and so far we are off to a good start. The boys started on Wednesday and Dad took the Mom-required pics for me that morning (thanks Mike). Look at these handsome and too-quickly growing boys.....

I'm not old enough to have a 6th grader. Am I?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Melted Bees

When a little boy in our neighborhood was selling some cheap tickets as a fund raiser for a Salt Lake Bees game, we decided to take him up on it. And what better game to pick than the game where we would be challenging the Omaha Storm Chasers? The game was a mid-day game on Sunday and the temperatures were blazing hot which made it a little unbearable at times. But we managed by having some fun while we were taking breaks from the heat.  We rode the train that goes around the field, got to pose for pictures with Bumble, visited the team store and got to have popcorn, drinks and most importantly ice cream in helmet bowls!

The most unbearable thing next to the heat was the the Storm Chasers ended up kicking our butts    11-4. Oh well, we'll get 'em next time!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rock This Country Tour

Last night I got to enjoy two of my favorite things. Old friends and Shania Twain. Talk about an awesome night. I got to meet up with my good buddy Jared way back from the good old high school days and his sister Jessica (one of my old friends and bridesmaid's at my wedding) and his sister in law Elyse for dinner before the concert. 

I had so much fun visitng and catching up with them. Then it was off to the concert to meet my niece DaNell and Andrew.  We had super great seats and stopped off to buy some shirts on the way in. And took the necessary concert selfies, of course. 

We started off the night with some Gavin McGraw, who was the best opening act I've seen thus far this year. I didn't take any pics though as I was trying to preserve my battery for Shania of course.  Once Shania came out, our night was rocked! She was amazing! Not that I was expecting any less, but I'm still smiling today about it! So, so good. 

Isn't she gorgeous? Yep, I'm still totally and forever in love with this woman.