Friday, May 25, 2012

1 Week!

The countdown is still in full swing and we are officially down to 1 week until show-time. Our calendars are filling up fast and the to-do list is getting bigger by the minute. We are all getting excited and anxious for our big road trip.

We spent a few minutes yesterday making our own autograph books in hopes of scoring some character autographs while at the park (and to save us a bunch of money from having to buy three of them there). The twins both wanted Toy Story of course (I simply used some wrapping paper to cover the front of a $1.79 notebook and 99 cent alphabet stickers) and Caleb wanted to decorate his own. After going around and around the sticker section, he finally settled on some Phineas and Ferb.

We can't wait! Now....back to that to-do list.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ouren Updates- May 2012

Time for a quick update...seems like it's been forever since I posted anything and life is just busy as normal. So here we go:

Faith- Faith is 8 months old and is getting a little better at scooting around on her butt. She's also decided to start rolling onto her belly more and more even if she then gets mad about it a few minutes afterwards. She's super smiley and talky. And she seems to get longer and longer every day. She's still a Daddy's girl and wants her Da-Da-Da whenever possible.

The Twins: The twins have one more day of preschool next week and then they are off for the summer. Having them in preschool the last 5 months has helped them out quite a bit and hopefully we can continue to get them more on track over the summer. They love helping out with Faith and being her big helpers. They still love wrestling with their big brother and they love to pretend they are characters from movies or video games and whatever. They are best friends and love to crack each other up- well when they aren't fighting. ;) Here's a cute picture of Zaden playing Plants vs. Zombies.

Caleb: Caleb is nearly done with the 2nd grade! 4 more days to go. Today was his program where they did a little demonstration of how they learn in Chinese class. He was part of the science section and got to tell us in chinese about how he was a squirrel and when and how they hibernate. He did a great job and not only did he memorize all of his lines, but he was whispering his partners lines to her as well to help her out. He has loved school again this year and is sad to see it come to an end but insists that I have to let him go to the 3rd grade....we'll see about that. ;)

Mike and I have been busy, busy. I've been working a lot with the busy summer schedule at the school and Mike's been busy this week with auditors and was took a trip to Vegas for work the week before. On top of that I've been working on crafts, housework and various other projects around the house, not to mention last minute vacation things that need to get done in the next week. I also started a consignment -type facebook page where I can sell the kids clothes as they grow out of them and get screaming deals on some from other people doing the same as their kids grow out of theirs. I have learned a lot and been connecting with tons of people all over the U.S. I have even actually sold a few things. Not a ton, but it's a start and a fun little project. The best part is that whether I sell or not, it costs me nothing but my time and I'm down with that. And to top off our busy-ness, we also managed to celebrate 12 years of marriage quietly at home in between it all.

I'm not going to lie, the last few weeks have flown by a lot faster than I wanted them to and it seems like a blurr and hasn't always been the most fun. But, Life is good.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mother's Day 2012

I don't know how I managed it , but my Mother's Day seems to have lasted 4 days this year. It all started on Thursday when Mike and I took the day off for our quarterly Day Date. On his way home from taking Caleb to school, he surprised me by bringing home roses, it was super sweet. We spent some time at home doing some chores, ran a couple errands and then got to go enjoy a lunch together at Applebees with a gift card I'd been given and afterwards went to the movie to see The Avengers together. Then Friday night I got to go get a little pampering and get my hair dyed and cut which was also much needed. Saturday we got to go on our train station and dino park outing which was absolutely wonderful and then Mike planted my traditional Mother's Day flowers in the flower beds for me in the evening.

Today I woke up to French Toast in bed and Caleb bringing me the goodies he's been working on for me for days. I got 6 lego creations, a card in chinese with a picture of him taking out the trash on it, another drawing he did, a letter from him that says "Thanks for talking with me, for making good chili, and for helping me clean my room", and a bookmark that he made at school thats a picture of himself hanging from the tassle. So cute (pics below). I then spent the next 60 minutes in bed alone just having some time to read-it was wonderful. Mike then took the time after I got up to rotate the tires on my car-another much needed item. We are now just hanging out and realxing. I've been promised a wonderful BBQ of Garlic Burgers, homemade fries and one of my favorite desserts tonight. I can't wait! How did I get so lucky to deserve such a great family?

Trains and Dino's

It was time for a family outing this weekend. We needed to get out and I had a Groupon to Union Staion in Ogden to use up before it expired, so after I went into work for a few hours in the morning, we decided to make an Ogden afternoon of it. We hit the train station first and climbed around on the trains outside. The boys LOVED it and wanted me to take picture after picture. Then we went inside the station for a quick walk around the little museum. After that we drove to the Ogden Eccles Dinosaur park and enjoyed being outside and walking around in the beautiful weather with the dino's. Zaden was pretty timid and scared at first but he warmed up toward the end and we all had some fun. After a quick snack in the park, we headed home to relax for the evening and plant my Mother's Day flowers. Awesome Day!

Enjoy a slideshow of the pics.

8 months!

!I can't believe Baby Girl turned 8 months old yesterday! She is such a good addition to our family and so much fun. She hates to be on her belly and won't try to crawl but since she loves sitting so much she's starting to master scooting around on her butt when she's on the pergo or tile floors. She's still a very happy child and when she see's the camera pointed at her, she lights up like the 4th of July. Such a huge ham. She loves it when you hold her hands and stand her up and after much concentration she'll take some steps and walk a little, which makes her so happy. She mummers "Da da da" and still sounds like she says "hi" all the time. Her brothers are still the best thing ever and she wants to be where they are at all times. She's decided to start being shy for strangers but after she warms up her little personality shines. What did we ever do without her? She makes our little family so complete.