Monday, March 28, 2016

An Early Birthday Surprise!

In just one short week, those twins of ours are turning the ripe age of 8!  Mike and I have been thinking about re-doing the decor in their room for a while now but hadn't been able to decide the right time. While we were out and about on Friday and the kids were with Papa, I brought it up and we decided on a whim to do it as a little pre-birthday surprise for them to come home to.  We spent some time shopping around for the perfect pieces and then a little time taking down the previous Mario Kart decor and gave them each a little personality on their sides of the room with a superhero theme. 
Zaric, of course, had to have Spiderman. No question there! 

And Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah BATMAN! For Zaden's Side! 

We wondered how long it would take them to notice after they got back. But it took merely seconds! They were so excited! I'm pretty sure the neighbors could have heard them yelling excitedly and talking to each other about it as they pointed out things right down to the new drawer pulls. It took me a few minutes to convince them that it was in fact Mom and Dad that left the surprise and not the Easter Bunny (a hazard of an early spring birthday I suppose), but that made it all the more special when they realized it and then gave me a massive hug and lots of thank you's.

Close to bed time, I asked them to sit on their new comforters and give me a rating of how they liked their new digs on a scale of 1-10. We scored a perfect 10!

We still need to pick up a few finishing pieces and have some new valances on order, but all in all we have some pretty happy almost 8 year olds in this house, even if Zaric still can't figure out how Mom and Dad knew this is exactly what he'd been dreaming about. I guess we are just psychic like that.

Easter 2016 Part 3- Easterin'

For part 3 of our Easter adventure, we made a quick trip to the desert again to have a little picnic. We rode the donkey sculptures, climbed rocks, played a little baseball, roasted hot dogs on a fire and played in the dirt. Easterin' on the desert is the best!

What a great visit and great start to spring break! 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016 Part 2- The Hunt!

The Easter Bunny not only left full baskets at the hotel with Mom and Dad, but he took the time to scatter some eggs around Papa's front yard.  We were ready to hunt, but first we needed to get dressed and be adorable, naturally.

We gave Faith a little head-start first.

After she'd snagged a few, all bets were off and we unleashed the twins!

They all faired pretty well and we had a good time going through eggs and goofing around with Papa for a while.

Then it was time to start prepping for the last Easter adventure for the year......

Easter 2016 Part 1 - We've Been Found!

Of course the Easter Bunny found us all the way in Price again. Was there ever any doubt?  He dropped off baskets (bags) clear full of goodies for everyone.  

And of course he didn't forget Dad! 

Thank you Easter Bunny! 

Pre- Easter fun

We had a great week prepping for Easter. We started off at home with coloring Easter eggs a week early because they simply couldn't wait one more day! 

Then after Dad had to run off and leave us for a work trip. We passed the time by making some Easter chicks together. 

The kids then got to go to Papa's house for a couple of days and help them get ready. Once we arrived there to join them,  we got to help Grandma Nette feel better with a little pre-Easter pedicure from the goodies in the Easter basket we made her.
And then they got to dye more eggs at Papa's house.

We then spent the evening crossing our fingers that the Easter Bunny would find us all the way in Price again.