Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crafty Weekend

It's been a busy but productive weekend here. On Friday Mike was in Vegas for work so I got to take my boyz out to dinner at McD's and let them run off energy in the play place then settle in at home for some movie watching time where we watched Mr. Poppers Penguins until Dad got home in time to tuck us in. Then Saturday started the real fun. I had an appointment to get my hair dyed and cut in Lehi so decided to stop at a place called The Wood Connection in Murray that I had been hearing lots about on the way. The place was packed with people so we didn't stay as long as I would have liked too but I did come out with a few projects and after getting my hair done and going out to dinner with some friends I started the first one. This fun St. Patty's sign.

This morning after the craft store opened I went and picked up what I needed to finish the St. Patty's one and start 1 of the 2 Easter projects I picked up. Mike helped with this one while I went to my monthly craft-date with my friend Becca Y. He had it all painted and ready for me to add the sparkle when I got home.

At Becca's house we made a couple tutu's. Here's the one I made for Miss Faith. I still need to do some finishing work on it but I've been wanting one in these colors for her so I am super excited about it.

And we made a few bows. Here's the 4 I got done today.

Amongst all of that we dealt with sick kids (off and on) and laundry and the normal household stuff that drags us down. It's always so much fun to put some of that off once in a while though and just have some creative goodness.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ouren Updates- Feb 2012

It's time for this years first installment of Ouren Updates:

Caleb- Caleb is already 2/3 through his 2nd grade year! He's learning so much and loving to read and write and draw. He's great at just about everything at school and came home with another report card of straight 5's (A's) last week. He's really enjoying math at school and is doing things like multiplication and fractions already. At home he's still the ring leader of trouble and loves to play in his room, watching his tv or playing with his DS or his Lego's or his Star Wars stuff. He love to drive his brothers crazy and make his sister giggle.

Zaric- Zaric is pretty much 100% potty trained now. He's still working hard with his speech and we can see improvements all of the time. He seems to be enjoying going to preschool and gets excited to show us his work on the days he goes. He's a great helper around the house and loves to help clean. He loves playing with his Zaden and listening to them talk to each other is a hoot. He still loves cars and trucks and is really starting to get into costume play with Zaden, wearing capes and hats while they play. His favorite thing is Milk. He asks for glasses of Milk all day long and can't seem to get enough. He's also been a huge movie watcher lately wanting to watch Mickey Mouse episodes or Spongebob or Jake and the Neverland Pirates on DVD. He's finally getting an interest in things like learning his letters and numbers.

Zaden- Zaden is pretty much potty trained as well. He still has a few accidents here and there, but that's improving. He's such a funny kid and loves to talk and talk. He's getting into the 1,000 questions a day mode and asking all of the who's, when's and how's on many things. He loves preschool and gets excited to go on the days when we tell him it's preschool day. He's learning lots of his letters and can count to 15 now. He loves walking around and counting things and pointing out numbers to us wherever we go.

Faith- Little girl is 5 months now. She's really close to sitting on her own and is eating solid foods 1-2 times a day. Her favorite seems to be pears right now. She loves to play and use her hands. She can roll over from her tummy to her back and is really close going the other way. She loves laughing at her brothers and still loves snuggling with Dad at night. She's getting more of a personality all of the time and her inner-diva is definitely starting to show.

Mike- Mike ( as always) continues to work hard and roll with the punches at work. He recently orchestrated the IT portion of the office relocation and spend tons of time taking care of all of the little and big issues that went along with it. He's been putting in tons of hours both at the office and at home. We miss him when he's not here but really appreciate all he does for us. He's looking forward to things slowing down at work and hopefully getting some time to himself to play some games or do some art.

Me- I'm still working part time for the college. For the most part I like it. I've been doing some High School FAFSA nights lately and those are a nice change. I continue to craft a little here and there when I can and have been keeping myself busy planning a baby shower for one of my favorite people and starting to plan for the twins 4th Bday coming up quick. I've also been busy planning our big family vacation coming up and getting all of the little details in place. I love being a mommy and wife even on the days they drive me bonkers and look forward to them every day and the way they make me laugh and teach me what loving someone is all about. I'm very lucky.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Bliss

Today has been one of the best Valentine's Days ever. Mike and I decided to take some time off and spend it together for this quarters day-date. We started the morning with little gifts for our little Valentine's and each other. Faith got some personalized bloomers and a headband.

The boys each got new shirts and some Star Wars candy dispensers.

Of course Mike spoiled me and I got some flowers and my pink Cowboys jersey.

I went the corny route for his again (I can't help myself). I got him a hand-stamped spoon that says, "You're my lucky charm" to go with his breakfast. He seriously loves cereal.

I did go to work for a couple hours while Mike got the kids off to school and the babysitters. Once I got home, we started date-time. First he gave me a massage here at home that was heavenly. Then we set off for our first stop-Bowling. We bowled 2 games and laughed a lot at how terrible we've become at it. He kicked my butt both times. Then it was time for stop #2- Lunch at Iggy's where we enjoyed some appetizers and burgers and drinks. Then it was time for stop #3- next door at the movie theater. We saw "The Vow", it was good and made me cry a little. Then we made a quick stop at the store to get stuff to make chocolate covered strawberries per Caleb's request. After we picked up Caleb, we made one more stop before getting the littles to pick up a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's.
I don't think I could have asked for the day to go any smoother than it did. What a great day! Hope you are all having a great time with your Valentine's.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Travel Bug

Caleb is catching his Mom's travel bug. After school on Tuesday he started asking a lot of questions about which states he's been to and which he hasn't but wants to. The next morning, I printed us out some maps to color and compare. Mine is on top and his on the bottom. It was a fun little project and made me start thinking about where I have been and all of the places I haven't (since airplane lay-overs do not count as being there). Here in a few months though, he'll get to color in that lovely state of California.

Looks like we both have a lot of traveling left to do.

Monday, February 06, 2012

The Big Game

It was a fun Sunday at our house getting ready to watch the match up between one of my favorite teams (the Patriots) and Caleb's favorite team (the Giants). Caleb very early on got all dressed up in his Giants garb. Started building decorations to root on his team in Lego's and set up his command -central in the living room which consisted of a little table full of all of his creations which would also provide a place for his snacks during the game. It was a long day of waiting for game time and I ended up napping a bit. But when it was time, we were ready. I grilled up some yummy garlic burgers for me and Mike, made some mini pigs in a blanket for the kids. I also made some homemade cinnamon rolls earlier in the morning and we had some chips and dip and other goodies. It was a fun game and even though I lost my bet with Mike, it was fun to watch Caleb's team win and his victory dance afterwards.