Sunday, January 27, 2013

T-Rex's and a Movie- G'ma Braska Visit

For Grandma Braska's last full day of visiting, we decided on another kid-centered activity and went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. We haven't been for a while and the kids were super excited to go. Zaden was his normal timid self,  however, Caleb and Zaric were all over the place. We were a little worried about Faith since they play dinosaur sounds over the loud speakers (which is usually what scares Zaden) but she could have cared less. She didn't seem bothered by it at all. We had a really good time. 

Afterwards we went to Johnny Rockets for a yummy 50's style lunch and shakes then came back home for a little R&R. We picked up some Papa Murphy's on the way home and enjoyed some pizza and a movie night. We watched Ice Age Continental Drift and then called it a night. We were all exhausted from playing so hard the last few days.

Grandma Braska had to leave this morning and we will miss her. Faith enjoyed her morning nap on her today before she left for the airport. I think it was a nice way to say goodbye.

George Strait! - G'ma Braska Visit

Friday night was time for the main event. The reason Grandma Braska came in the first place. The George Strait concert. Martina McBride opened the show and was awesome. Then George came out and played a lot of the old, some of the new and a little of the in between. He was phenomenal as always. I can't believe this man is retiring. Say it isn't so. I just might die. This was my 4th time seeing him and it never gets old. Here are a few pics I took. I also have a video I may post later if I can figure out how.

Jump N Bounce- G'ma Braska Visit

This past week we got to have a fun visit with Grandma Braska. The first couple of days were just spent with the kids playing and hanging out at the house. But on the 2nd night, we went out for an activity to the indoor bounce houses in our area. The boys had a great time and were sad when it was time to leave. Faith was petrified of them. Us adults got in on the action too and had some fun jumping and going through the obstacle courses and down the slides. Here are some fun pics from the night. Afterwards we enjoyed a nice dinner out at Iggy's and then back home since it was still a school night. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Because of another death in the family I found myself traveling to Salina for a funeral. Luckily my Dad was nice enough to let me carpool with him, Grandma Judi and Schydi half way. On the way home, we came across Tow-Mater. Of course we needed to stop for a pic. 
Even though it was for a sad reason, I enjoyed time with my family.

RIP Aunt Raquel.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Word Girl- 16 months

It's been too long since I posted an update on here. Little Miss Faith tuned 16 months this month. She's walking like a champ and following those brothers around everywhere. Goes up and down the stairs with no help and is funny as can be.  She has 2 loves right now her blankie and her baby (one of the several she got for Christmas). She has to pack them around everywhere lately and won't go to or from her crib without her blankie in hand. She's also been a little diva and started wanting to tell us what she wants to wear each day. This consists of us pulling out several shirts until she stops telling us "no" to them and says "yes" to one. It's pretty funny.

Her biggest thing she's doing right now though is having a word explosion. She's starting to pick up a lot of words and even starting to string a few some together. Here's the quick list I came up with off the top of my head:

my dog, cat, baby etc.
I want you
I need you
owww (ouch)

Of course she still chatters and chatters going on and on incoherently a lot of the time too but every now and then she says one of the above, clear as day. She's also started singing along to music and with her brothers who sing "jingle bells, Batman smells" constantly. It's too funny. I really must try to get a video of it.

Here's a couple more silly pics to share. One of the "hunting hat" she insists on wearing all the time. It's one of the twins old ones and one of her in her car with her blankie and her baby from when she was sick this week with a cold and I stayed home with her. 

We seriously don't know what we ever did without this little girl. I'm pretty sure her brothers would be lost without her too. They simply adore her still.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Dirty Dash

This fall my sister and I and a small group of people have decided to participate in the dirty dash. It's 5 miles of walking/running/jogging on a mud infested obstacle course and for a good cause. I am so excited, it's going to be so much fun. We are still taking additions to our team if anyone is interested. Come get dirty with us!

More info at

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

To Omaha and Back

We are busy here recovering from our quick Omaha trip for the services of Mike's Grandma.  I am happy to report that everything went super smoothly and we are glad we went. I am glad (after much discussion) that I decided to go along. We were only going to send Mike at first and then something told me I should go and I'm glad I went with my gut.
Not only did we get to be there amongst the love of family, but we got to help out a lot too which we know Gram would have loved. Mike helped edit the picture and decorate the programs. Then the grand kids and I put together a couple of photo montage boards of Grams life and all the things and people she loved. Mike also ended up giving a talk at the services and telling about the things the grand kids all loved about her.
We also got to spend time visiting and laughing with the other family members. Mike's Grandpa, his mom, his aunts, his siblings and his cousin among others and got to meet some people whom gram and others spoke about but we had never met in person.
We missed our kiddo's and wished they could have come with us but we knew they were having fun in Price with Papa and Grandma so that made it easier to be away.
For the first time, (I think ever for me) I'm looking forward to trying to go back there in the spring with the kids in tow for another visit at a happier time.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

A Great Lady

I'm sad to share that this weekend Mike's Grandma (G3 as we called her) passed away. She was a great, fun and strong lady and someone I looked forward to visiting with on our many trips to Omaha.
We are busy making arrangements to head to Omaha to help the family with a celebration of her life. May you rest in peace Great Grandma and we'll forever keep you in our hearts and memories. 

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hope your New Year's has started off with a bang. Ours have started off with a bunch of sick people and relaxing and recuperating at home. We did manage to sneak in a few board games last night with the kids before everyone went to bed early to nurse their various ailments.

Here's my list simple resolutions:
1. Write down something positive at the end of each day (started this one last year and only made it through July before I let it die out). I resolve to start and finish it this year.
2. Do something I've never done before.
3. Learn to do something new.
4. Have more patience.
5. Have more fun.
6. Forgive more easily.
7. Continue to blog and share our family memories with you all.

Looking forward to a busy, fun, productive year. Let's do it!