Sunday, September 29, 2013

Witch Hunt!

On Friday the kids were out of school because of SEP's which meant I also had to take the day off. Instead of just staying home, I wanted to take them to do something fun. So I asked them if they wanted to go on a witch hunt. They were all for that. We woke up Friday morning and almost thought against it because it was chilly and rainy outside. But they were so excited to go, I decided to just do it anyway. And I'm glad I did. We had so much fun.  The twins were running around pointing them all out and telling me to "picture it" every time they would see one.  Here are just a few of our favorites.

The rain started picking up a bit so we decided to take a break and have lunch in Archibald's together. 

We then stopped by a few more witches on our way out and headed home just in time for it to start snowing a little with the rain.
We came home and they wanted to watch a movie with witches in it so they chose The Wizard of Oz. We watched the movie then they wanted to put on some "spooky" music and decorate the house. It was a little earlier than I was planning on doing it, but we were having so much fun, how could I say no?
And as an added bonus,  I also got to have an hour to myself while C was at football practice and went back to Gardner Village to learn how to make these.

Thanks for the awesome day kids!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Football pics

The Grizzlies have taken some  tough losses over the last few weeks. But they are learning and hopefully improving for the rest of the season. Here's a few pics we've taken from a couple of the games.

And we are cheering from the sidelines in our new shirts we got for the whole family while Dad helped with the chains.

And this is what we've thought of the last 3 games.
Time to start kicking butt! Let's go Grizzlies!

She's 2!

Faith's official birthday was on Thursday last week. We had mostly a normal day, she went to the babysitter, the boys went to school and Mom and Dada to work. We had been contemplating if we should do something extra for her day since she was still in heaven with her party goodies and leftover cake. When we got home and checked the mail, she had 2 cards from her Great Aunts in Nebraska. When I showed her what was inside, she immediately grinned and told me "Go Get Minnie's!" So that settled it. We called Dad and told him the plan.   First we were going to take our little family out to dinner and then take this girl shopping to "Get Minnie's."

Since she's really too little to care much where we went, Mom chose Chili's. We had a yummy dinner and then we set off to Target. She pulled about 5 Minnie toys off the shelf and contemplated for a while before deciding on one. And when in the clothes section, she spotted this dress and went berserk! So Mom and Dad decided to buy her one more present from us and she got the dress too. She was so excited to wear it the next day with her Minnie shoes. It's too cute.

I can't believe our little girl is 2! My how time flies. I still don't know what we ever did without her. She makes us laugh and laugh and has the sweetest little voice and personality ever, well when her inner-Diva isn't out anyway. :)

2 Year Photo Shoot

Since we are getting family pictures done soon, I didn't want to pay to have Faiths' pics done twice in a month, so I opted to get creative and do our own little photo shoot in the family room. I created a backdrop and used the chair she already had. I made the hat and had already bought this fab outfit. It worked out great and I caught her at a time she was being a total ham. And of course, since she's currently Minnie crazy her new Minnie from Grandma Braska had to join us for a few shots.  One day I'll have Mike edit the seam out of my backdrop, but for now I'm please with how they came out. Enjoy.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Look Whooo's 2!

Last Sunday we hosted an owl-themed "Look Whooo's 2" party for miss Faith. We started off with the cute invites that Dad designed. Then it was time for the decor that morning. All the kids had stuffed owls so I borrowed them to put all over the house.

And then it was time to decorate the snack area ,the cake table and the present area.

And time to prep the activity area. I was able to find these super cute ceramic owls for the kids to paint and also let them color if they wanted and make owl cupcakes of their own.

The kids seemed to love it and Faith even picked pink frosting and had Mom help her make a cupcake.

We all had some fun with the owl glasses.

Then it was time to open presents.

She got a ton of cute, cute stuff.

Then it was time for cake and ice cream.
Then the kids played and painted some more while the adults visited and goofed off.

 And of course we left some time to cuddle with the Papa.
Thanks to everyone that came. It was a really fun party and she's one happy girl.