Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Take 3

I'm happy to say I got out once more this week and enjoyed another paint nite with some current co-workers and a past co-worker.  I wasn't as in love with how this turned out as I was the last one, but it was great company, great food, great drinks and great laughs. Isn't that what it's really about anyway?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

So Close to 7 !

The twins are counting down the days until they turn the big 7! This year, we are planning a shark-themed swimming party. We've been busy planning and gearing up around here. Dad completed this cute invite this weekend. I'm so happy with it. 

Today I broke out my notebook and gave them a little pre-birthday interview. Here are the answers for this year: 

Favorite Color- Red
Favorite Food- Mac N Cheese
Favorite Video Game- MineCraft
Favorite TV Show- Any cartoon
Favorite Movie- Planes Fire and Rescue
Favorite Toy- Dusty Crophopper
Favorite Place- McDonald's
Favorite Outdoor Activity- Playing football
Favorite Thing at School- Homework
Best Friend- Dylan
Favorite Animal- Elephant
Favorite Dessert- Ice cream
Favorite Book- Toy Story
Favorite Song- Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus)
What I want to be when I grow up- Pizza Maker
If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to - Hawaii
My Birthday Gift Wish: Ninja Turtle stuff

Favorite Color- Green
Favorite Food- Chicken Nuggets and Fries
Favorite Video Game- MineCraft
Favorite TV Show- Sponge Bob
Favorite Movie- Planes
Favorite Toy- Lego's
Favorite Place- Omaha
Favorite Outdoor Activity- Playing
Favorite Thing at School- Recess
Best Friend- Brothers
Favorite Animal- Zebra
Favorite Dessert- Ice cream
Favorite Book- All about Zebras
Favorite Song- Remix (NKOTB) 
What I want to be when I grow up- Batman
If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to- Disneyland
My Birthday Gift Wish- Ninja Turtle stuff

20 Days and Counting!

Mall Lego's

Today, our friends Garrett, Laurel and their daughter Maddie invited us to spend some time with them in the afternoon at the mall checking out the traveling Lego Americana display that was only in town for a few weeks. Since we weren't meeting them until the afternoon, we decided to make a morning of the outing. We started off by having a late breakfast/early lunch at Village Inn and then took the Z men to Toys R Us to hunt for some birthday presents to pick out themselves for their upcoming birthday. They each picked out a few things and we bought them with the understanding that they can't have them until we celebrate their big day. Then we went to Dad's office to take care of a small chore. Finally after that, it was time for the main event. We had a great time walking around visiting and ogling the giant replica's of some major American landmarks made of Lego's.

They were also handing out 1,000 free mini Lego kits to make the Supreme Court Building so we got in line and collected our pieces.  When we got back home we spent some time building our masterpieces.
It was a very fun outing to end the weekend with. Thanks for the invite G, L&M.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Off to the Races!

The weather has turned from unusually warm, back to the regular cold this time of year brings and with some rain and snow yesterday and kids going stir-crazy, we decided to stop off at Michael's and find some sort of craft for the kids to do. We let them each pick out something to build and/or paint and somehow ended up with a theme of sorts. The twins each picked out race car (pinewood derby) kits.  And as soon as we got home, they went straight to work.

The final results have made them pretty proud.

Caleb also stuck with a car theme. He begged for his first-ever model car kit. This was from out of the blue for us as he's never shown interest before and it was more money for all the stuff to go with it than we were thinking of spending. But decided it would be worth it if he finds this to be a hobby, which he truly needs more of. So, we went for it.  We only got as far as getting the engine built. This mostly consisted of him painting the parts and Mom doing the building, but it's a start. Here's a pic of the engine and what the final product will look like one day.

And like any fabulous spectator at the car races, Faith had to pic out a fabulous purse to sit in the stands with. She picked out a wooden purse trinket box and after a fast paint job and a trip through some of Mom's old scrap booking stickers. This is the result. 

A truly one of a kind purse that anyone would be proud to carry to the races.