Saturday, September 19, 2015

Best Zoo Day Ever

After the concert, we had a slumber party here at the house, then continued the fun by going to the zoo with everyone.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the animals were all about showing off and posing for us.

And we had some fun riding the train, the carousel and taking silly pics.

But the real star of the day was when we got given tickets from a zoo-keeper to help feed the giraffe's. Giraffe's are Faith's absolute favorite.

What a fun, unexpected surprise. Not one we'll soon forget. 

In the Pit with Mr. McGraw

Immediately following the party last weekend, we got to have some grown-up time with my sister and her husband and finally attend a Tim McGraw concert. We arrived early and took our "standing room only" places in the party-pit.

Then we danced and sang our way through the 2 opening acts. First up was Chase Bryant.

Next, we enjoyed the musical stylings of Billy Currington.

 When it was time for the main event, we pushed our way a little closer to the stage...Where the magic happened.  Hellllllooooooooooo Tim!

We we seriously so close to this legend... sooooo.....close! The concert was so good. We screamed, we danced, we sang every song. We thoroughly enjoyed our time and the wild pit-experience. Next time, we'll throw a couple more elbows and be even closer. ;)   But until then, here's a couple video's to tide us over.

Please excuse the terrible singing, that drunk lady next to us was very loud.  ;)