Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

We had a great Christmas here. We woke up bright and early Christmas morning to go see what Santa had left us.

 Caleb received a replica Huskers helmet, a Blue Ray player for his room, an MP3 player, a blue tooth speaker, a Lego architecture set, a Giants hat a NY Giants 10 greatest games dvd, Mine Craft for the Xbox and a chocolate football. Plus a stocking with an Itunes gift card, lots of candy and other goodies.
 Zaden got his Zoomer dog (Shadow) he'd asked for, a new Iron Man costume, Skylanders Trap team, Skylanders characters, A marvel flashlight, Lego Marvel game for Wii U, a Mario Kart toy, Turbo the movie and a stocking full of candy and goodies.
 Zaric got his Zoomer Dog, Disney Infinity 2.0, Infinity characters, A new Spiderman costume, 2 Dvd's, The Lego Movie game for Wii U, a Mario Kart toy , a marvel flashlight and a stocking full of candy and goodies.
Faith received a new Princess scooter, A Doc Mc Stuffins dress up and Dr kit, a new baby, another New Generations doll and clothes, An Elsa doll,  A Ariel dress up dress for her and a matching one for her doll, a Rapunzel barbie and Rapunzel Infinity character, and a stocking full of candy and goodies. 

Mike and I both had our stockings full of candy and goodies as well. That Santa sure is swell!

Then we went to town opening the presents under the tree. I didn't get many pics, but managed to snap a few in the chaos. 

 Mike and I enjoyed opening gifts from each other and the kids as well. From Mike I received, a new pan set, a new DSLR camera, a new shirt, a couple CD's and a couple DVD's I've been wanting. From the kids I received some wrapping paper from Faith (yes, she picked out and wrapped me a roll of wrapping paper lol) , from Zaden and Caleb, some ornaments for the trees,  and from Zaric a new cutting board. 
Mike received from me, a bunch of new T shirts, a new dress shirt and jacket,  Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U,  His new Xbox One and controller. And from the kids, A movie from Caleb,  a lava lamp from Zaden, an Ammibo character from Zaric and a Star Wars Lego set from Faith.

Also thanks to Grandma Braska, Great Grandpa Howard and Great Grandma Sandy for their generous gifts and gift cards from Mike and I. And thanks to everyone else that sent gifts for us all to open and enjoy.

Being the picture happy Mom I am, I made the kids set up all their goodies for some pics of their full hauls.

Then Mom made a yummy breakfast of baked french toast and bacon. After we were full, we spent the rest of the day un-boxing stuff and playing our hearts out.

And this happened around 2 pm when her little body couldn't take any more excitement.
We finished up the day with a big ham dinner complete with mashed potatoes, gravy, corn on the cob, cranberries, olives and rolls. Yummy. 
What a great day! We hope your Christmas day was as great as ours was.

Christmas Eve 2014

We had a busy Christmas Eve this year. We woke up to a surprise from our elf , Christopher.  He had to get back to the North Pole to help out Santa but he wanted to leave us a little gift to keep us busy.
After breakfast, we had a couple errands to run. Mike took the kids to do some last minute shopping and I braved the grocery store to stock up of groceries for the next few days.  Then we were back home for some lunch and fun.  We spent some time making some foam crafts (sorry no pics)  and building the new Christmas village lego set.

We made and decorated Santa some sugar cookies.
We did some cleaning and other non fun stuff and then we had a yummy dinner of Christmas shaped pasta. There were snowmen, snowflakes, sleighs and reindeer in the mix. Super fun.

Then it was finally time to open the Christmas Eve box from Mom and Dad.

Inside everyone got a new pair of PJ's, one small toy and a couple Christmas movies to get us to bedtime.
We watched some movies and they were all beat from such a busy day and went to bed early.  What a fun and exhausting day it was!

Festival of Trees 2014

Earlier this month we made our annual trip to the Festival of trees. I'm late in posting this but it's something we love doing every year and we love that 100% of the proceeds go directly to charity for the Children's hospital. We enjoyed looking at the big trees, the wreaths, the quilts, visiting the gift shop and stopping for a show on one of the stages. What a great event.