Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Mike and Becca! 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Movies, Swings, Chefs and Swimmers

What a busy weekend this turned out to be. We originally had nothing planned this weekend, but that changed quickly. Mike came home on Friday with some movies he had borrowed from a co-worker, so we decided to make it a family night and opted to go out to dinner, do a little shopping then come home and make some popcorn and watch a movie together. It turned out really nice. The kids loved the movies and I loved me some  5 Guys and not cooking for dinner.

Saturday morning I was up early. So I got busy and made us some donut holes for breakfast. They were yummy (even if the kids still had to have cereal with them too). Then we were off for a quick errand. We came home and worked on some chores and then took a break to walk to a nearby park and get in some play time.

We came home and grilled some yummy burgers and hotdogs and had a relaxing evening together.
Sunday morning I got up and made some yummy cinnamon roll pancakes. Then the kids were all begging to go swimming so we hit the pool early and got to have the whole thing to ourselves including the slides for about the first 40 minutes. It was really fun. The boys could have played forever. Faith went in for a few minutes here and there. Mostly she wanted to sit on the bench and watch, where she eventually fell asleep. It was a lot of fun.

We came home and rustled up some lunch, then decided to whip up a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies with my 3 littlest chefs assisting. They turned out really good and as a bonus, we dyed them green for St. Patty's Day tomorrow.

Not too shabby of a weekend for having "nothing" to do, if I say so myself.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Flippers required

These two boys have been asking for a while now to take swim lessons, but we could never seem to fit it into our schedules. But I'm happy to say, we finally got them signed up for a first round. They started last week and have had 3 lessons so far. The first lesson was a little rough, but since then, they are both doing awesome. We are so impressed with them and all they have learned and are getting brave enough to try already.  I snuck a small camera along with us last night and snapped a few pics. I tried to do it when they weren't looking so as not to distract them and had them stop for one at the end. 

They are so funny and cute to watch and I love how much they are enjoying this. I've never seen them so excited to do any sort of sports activity. They can't quit talking about it and asking about it ever since they started. We've got a couple of little fish on our hands.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

She's Here!

I'm excited to report that my new niece made it into the world safely early last week. I was fortunate enough to be able to go down for the day on Saturday and meet her for a little bit. She's so stinking cute! Welcome to the world Miss Bryndie!

Saturday, March 01, 2014

5 Going on 6

Only a little over a month left until these boys turn 6! I'm enjoying their last few weeks of being 5 and they are really starting to get the hang of school and asking every day when they get to go to first grade because they want to have lunch at school.

They got to have a superhero day at school for white ribbon week. They of course chose their very most favorite people in the world to dress as. And got to wear them all day at school. They were stoked and to top of that awesome day, they got to have a pizza party in their class for winning the box top contest.  

Speaking of hero's,  Zaric also received an "Everyday Hero" award from his teacher and come home with some goodies and a certificate. He has made such a huge turn around this year from where we started. We still have a ways to go but we are so proud of them both.  Their reading is starting to bloom and numbers are flying for Zaden and really starting to improve for Zaric as well.

They make us laugh every single day and fill my heart when I listen to them play together and really, truly be each others best friend.  It's hard to describe how close these two are. Of course there are times they don't want to be anywhere near each other too. But that normally doesn't last long before they are back at it. 

Zaric has been really wanting to go to McDonald's lately and every day it's been the same story, we don't have time because the tutor is coming or we simply don't want to or we shouldn't etc etc. Well in a desperate plea on the way home as he looked at it longingly out the car window he said, "Mom, sometimes my heart just aches and tells me that I want Hot-Donald's (what he calls McD's) every week." hahahahahaha Well we didn't go that day, but I decided to surprise him the next day and pulled into the parking lot on the ride home to go through the drive up. How could I not make his heart happy once in a while? He was a little bummed that I didn't let them go in to play because sister was asleep in the car and let's face it, I also simply didn't want to.  But that sadness sure didn't last long. He was one happy boy once we got home to indulge.

What a great surprise. What was even more surprising it that later this same night, he was busy wrestling with his oldest brother when he lost his first tooth. Luckily Dad found it since he hadn't even noticed it missing (Mom did when putting him in the bath) and got it ready for the tooth fairy. He happily obliged my request then for a pic in the tub.

I think Zaden is a little jealous that Zaric lost a tooth first. But he'll get his day and I'm sure it will be soon as well. 

We are planning a Disney Planes themed birthday party. Dad is busy working on invites and decor and Mom is busy planning food and cake and details. They can't wait to turn 6 and talk about it every single day as well.

 My little boys are growing up too fast!