Monday, February 29, 2016

He's Gettin' Pretty Handy

That guy of mine is getting pretty handy these days. When we stopped by the home improvement store on Friday for a new hose for the washer, I naturally shopped around a bit. I had been looking for some new outdoor lights for the garage every time we go, but we could never seem to agree on any or if we did, they were far too expensive to consider. So I decided to go a different route and just update the ones that were already there. I didn't take a before pic, but they were previously a maroon color that had been faded by the sun over the years to a dull pink.  So we picked out some spray paint and after some cleaning and painting on Saturday morning. Mike put them back up and I have to say for $6 worth of spray paint, all 3 of them look like a million bucks and brand new.  I'm very, very pleased. 

 Unfortunately for him, while he was hanging those, I started thinking about the recessed light on our porch that I hated and had a vision of a hanging lantern to add some character, so yep, back to the store we went for another something totally unrelated and I looked to see what they had.  Bam! Just what I wanted!  So.....after running into a few issues and a couple more trips to the store.....he got it hung for me. It's so perfect. I'm seriously in love and it's so much brighter and more inviting all lit up than the previous light.

I also was able to talk him into helping me with a small project for the twins' upcoming birthday party, cleaning out the garage, installing the new washer/dryer and getting the old ones out of the house,  hauling a load of unwanted stuff to the thrift store, and helping with regular chores around the house. We were thoroughly exhausted, but it was totally worth it.

I'm thinking the front door needs a new paint job. I didn't realize how sun faded it has also become. But now's the hard part, do I do dark brown again or change it up to something fun, like a dark maroon?  Currently taking suggestions for the next free project day.

Thursday, February 18, 2016


To make a long story, short we've been visiting the shelters for a few weeks now looking for what I thought would end up being a second dog.  Turns out, I was wrong. When we visited the local shelter during our Valentine's Day fun with the kids, they met this cat and fell in love with her. And better yet, she clearly loved them. She was super affectionate with them and ready to play and cuddle. We asked a few questions and left. After much debate over the long weekend, we decided she was just too good of a "fit" to leave her there. So Mike made a call asking them to put a hold on her for me to come look again on Tuesday night.   I stopped by with the kids again to find her just as affectionate and belonging to them as the time before. After much begging from the kids to take her home, this sucker of a softy caved and filled out the application to make her ours.  Meet Miss Marble.  

She's a 5 year old short haired Tortie and sweet as can be. She's been a little "needy" with wanting constant affection, but is already starting to fold herself right into the family nicely. The name was the name given to her previously and the kids seemed to like it, so we are sticking with it.  I guess another dog can wait just a little while longer....... for now.  

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

On Valentine's Day we got up early and headed down to Price to spend the day with the kids and the family. We spent time visiting, playing some hilarious card games, having tea parties with Papa, eating good food and planning some of our upcoming adventures. 

 And because my sister loves me, after I asked what she was making me for Valentine's Day, she showed up with these Strawberry Shortcake cups.  So delicious, I had to have two.

Pre-Valentine's Date Day

After the kids were off safely with Papa for the day on Saturday, it was time to spend some           pre-Valentine's time together. We started off with picking out his flowers to me. 

 Then I gave him the gifts I had bought for him, some candy, some new boxers and a set of matching rings (with the option as necklaces) that have a quote on them from one of his favorite movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas, which says, "We're simply meant to be."  He loved them.

 Then we were off to spend some time with our good friends, the Jones's.  We opted to do another Paint Nite event with them. It was a hoot. We all had a blast and many good laughs.

 Can you tell who painted which pic? We may or may not have swapped them around for this photo op.  :)
After coming home and watching one of my favorite chick flicks together, A Walk in the Clouds, we dressed up and went to dinner together at the fancy Fleming's Steakhouse again where he once again spoiled me with the best steak ever.

I am constantly reminded of this guy's love for me with everything he does. Not that we need a special day like Valentine's Day to express it, but it sure is fun to have the extra celebration of it to look forward to every year.  I'm so lucky to have gotten a guy who likes the holiday almost as much as I do.  

Pre-Valentine's Day Kids Fun

Happy Late Valentine's Day!

Since the kids and we would be spending the actual day of Valentine's Day at Papa's house, and the kids happened to have Friday off from school, I opted to make that day our day to do Valentine's stuff at home.  We started off the day with some Valentine's gifts from Mom and Dad.

And spent some time putting them together and playing with the stickers.

I took them to the craft store to pick out a Valentine's craft to do. Instead they all opted to pick out some new birdhouses to paint. So we spent some time painting those.

And then we spent some time making some chocolate covered strawberries, blueberries and raspberries and ate them all almost as quickly as we made them.

After Dad was done working for the day we went for a drive and ended up at the local animal shelter giving some of the doggies and kitties there a little Pre-Valentine's Day lovin'.

Then that evening was the twins' date they had received tickets for for Christmas. They got to spend the evening seeing Marvel Universe Live with Dad. They loved it and couldn't quit talking about it the next morning with me.  Dad even took a selfie to commemorate their date.
Caleb, Faith and I stayed home and spent the evening watching a princess movie and relaxing. It was a very good day indeed.

Conversation Hearts Days 12 and 13

We made it to the end of our little project. It was seriously so much fun to do and I'm thinking we are going to have to make it a new tradition around here.  Here are the last 2 questions and answers. Enjoy!

Day 12: If I could have any superpower, it would be:
Zaden: Super Strength
Zaric: Web throwing
Faith: Web throwing
Caleb: Strength
Mom: The ability to fly
Mike: Invulnerability

Day 13: Who do I want to be my Valentine?
Caleb: Caitlin
Zaric: My Mom
Zaden: My Mom
Faith: My Papa
Dad: Pamela Anderson
Mom: Ryan Gosling

Friday, February 12, 2016

Conversation Hearts 9, 10, 11

3 more days down. Only 2 more to go. :)

Day 9: If you could be any kind of sandwich, which kind would you be?
Zaden: PB&J
Zaric: PB&J
Faith: Just PB
Caleb: a boyfriend sandwich with a girl on each side.
Dad: toasted turkey with a hint of honey mustard
Mom: A turkey wrap with lettuce and provolone cheese

Day 10: What am I most proud of?
Zaric: My Papa
Faith: My Papa
Zaden: My Mom
Caleb: Having a girlfriend
Dad: My family
Mom: The life we've built

Day 11: What is something I could teach someone else?
Faith; Teach my friends to dance
Zaric: How to play Minecraft
Zaden: Teach Faith to read
Caleb: How to throw a football
Dad: Art
Mom: Crafting

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Conversation Hearts Day 7 & 8

Day 7: I would get a tattoo of _________.

Caleb: NY Giants Logo
Zaden: A football
Zaric: Packers Logo
Faith: Cowboys star
Mom: Compass
Dad: Full back dragon tattoo

Day 8: How many hugs do you need in a day?

Faith: 12
Zaric: 1
Zaden: 3
Caleb: 5
Dad: 10
Mom: 25 !

I think I'm going to be kind of sad when this activity ends. 5 more days to go!

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Conversation Hearts- Day 6

Day 6: My dream vacation would be _______

Caleb: The moon
Dad: Ireland
Faith: Disneyland
Zaric: The Beach
Zaden: California
Mom: Bora Bora

I think at least 3 of us are tired of the snow and cold and ready for some sun and sand.


We decided to try out something new yesterday and surprised the kids with an outing to the Utah Kids Club Winterpalooza. The boys had a great time visiting the bounce houses, riding a couple of indoor rides, learning how to drum in the Drum Bus, and watching a show from Scales and Tales full of lizards and snakes to include an albino python names peaches. Faith mostly enjoyed walking around and visiting all of the princesses and superhero characters that were walking around.

I'm pretty sure that Mike's favorite part was the princess tea party.
It was a good way to spend a couple of hours on a cold Saturday morning. There were a couple of activities that the lines got too long for so we didn't get to do them. They are already asking to go back next year and hit those ones up first.