Monday, June 27, 2016

Warriors Over the Wasatch Part 3- The Planes

And let's not forget the stars of the show. All the planes and the jets that were entertaining the crowd with their acrobatic's. Some of their stunts were seriously unreal.

 Once the Hill AFB Heritage jet team took the stage, Faith wasn't the only one crushing on a new profession (see post part 2). The twins were mesmerized and have now decided that they might want to be fighter pilots when they grow up.

But apparently we woke this guy up too early and he spent a lot of the main show like this.
He even managed to sleep through not only the noise made by the jet team, but their simulated bombings in the background.

Sadly we didn't get to stay long enough to see the Thunderbirds (maybe next time). Between the blazing heat baking us all and us expecting company at home for dinner, we headed home about mid way through. The kids spent the rest of the day playing "fighter pilots and jumpers" together, setting up plastic army men and gushing about wanting to go again.  A successful first go, I'd say.

Warriors over the Wasatch Part 2- The Jumpers

Faith has found a new life goal while at the air show . After watching the army jump team and the Redbull jump/stunt team parachute down to us on the tarmac, she's in love!  She promises she's going to grow up to do the same, well in between the 20 other professions she wants to be of course.  But seriously these guys were pretty darn cool.

The Army's Golden Knights started off the show with a pretty awesome entrance.

 In case you can't tell. This is several of the Army Golden Knights coming down at once.
The Redbull team had some pretty amazing jumpers. These jumpers have done thousands and thousands of jumps and stunts.

 And just because they are a little extreme. Below is a pic of the RedBull plane circling some jumpers while the were in free-fall.  Now, that's trust!

And if that wasn't exciting enough for her, Sean Maccormac from the Redbull team pointed Faith out in the crowd to give her a pic and then posed for a pic with us. This guy has done over 19,000 jumps and counting!  I think this is what won her over to her newest profession of choice. She might have been crushing on him, at least a little. Ok, maybe she wasn't, maybe that was me. But seriously, what an unexpected surprise.

Warriors Over the Wasatch part 1 - The Pre-show.

For last weekends adventure, we were able to go to the airshow at Hill AFB for the first time ever.  We had to get up super early to get there and get set up and ready, but boy was it worth it. After we picked a spot and set up our chairs, we had some time before the show started. So we got to wander around and check out all of the military equipment.  We got to go inside a tank, inside some planes, shoot the guns of the helicopters and sit inside a massive cargo carrier.  

And as if that wasn't enough excitement, the show was absolutely amazing!